Welcome to the 4helix+ Cyber Space!

Awarded projects can be seen here

The 4helix+ Cyber Space is a project integrated and collaborative virtual platform, functional to the realization of the key project activities, which is meant to become an efficient means to intensify collaboration with project stakeholders and beneficiaries (blue SMEs, knowledge providers, policy makers, stakholders, research institutions and universities, society). It is conceived as an instrument dedicated to the constant dialogue, coordination, brokering and consultation, in support of the 4helix+ initiative.

It is composed of several collaborative spaces and tools that you can access from the main menu:

  • Knowledge Provider Gallery: it is the virtual database of registered talents and experts, approved by the 4helix+ project, who offer their knowledge and creative breakthrough solutions to blue SMEs;
  • Portal for Applicants: this area is dedicated to the online applications for the accreditation of the Knowledge Providers and for different funding opportunities available for Blue SMEs within 4helix+ project (Innovation Vouchers and Travel Fishes);
  • Blue Matchmaking Environment: we designed our matchmaking environment, tools and events to facilitate encounters between the 4helix+ Knowledge Providers and Blue SMEs seeking for support to introduce innovations in their business operations;
  • Transferring Corner: hosts a series of web-based tools designed to ensure constant dialogue and consultation with concerned regional and national stakeholders to promote the embedding of 4 helix+ concepts and results into the relevant plans and programmes at regional, national and macroregional levels.