Transnational Brokerage event in Zadar

The Transnational Brokerage Event aims at providing an effective matching between Knowledge Providers (Research, Development and Innovation Bodies /RD&I Skilled Enterprises having specific expertise in the fields of Cultural and Creative Industries or Non Institutional New Innovation Agents such as fab labs, maker spaces, co – working spaces, living labs etc.) and SMEs / Start – ups operating in blue growth or blue economy sectors (fishing, aquaculture, coastal and maritime tourism, shipbuilding, blue biotechnologies, etc.).

During the one day event that will be organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy – Zadar County Chamber, the 11th of April 2019, in Zadar, blue sector’s SMEs/Start-ups and Knowledge Providers already registered in 4helix+ KP Gallery will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore collaboration opportunities while project partners and experts in blue growth/economy and innovation issues will coordinate meetings among the two categories of participants creating an environment favourable for cross-fertilization.

In particular, participants SMEs/Start-ups will be facilitated in finding suitable Knowledge Providers to collaborate with them in solving small innovation problems and possibly drafting innovative projects of new products/services/processes to be presented under the 4helix+ Call for Expression of Interest for Innovation Vouchers here

Please read carefully the text of call before applying (deadline by the 27 of March 2019 at midnight CET):

→ View or download the text of the Call here

Experts will further favour matchmaking between SMEs/Start-ups and Knowledge Providers through the on line system “MATCHMAKING ENVIRONMENT’’ hosted by 4helix+ portal “CYBERSPACE”.