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The company at glance

services: We have developed a smart modular padlock that is very common in the waterman community of divers, surfers and sea play goers. The innovation is also about the sharing economy and the entire architecture extends the advantages in other application related with tourism services. The product is now approaching the market with the first release and new solutions are going to be finalized into the next year. A second and larger product is under development and it’s a new smart camera device that enable the application of several use cases. One of the main focus is about the water sport and marine sector because the architecture comprehend the matching with sensor and communications system. The device play an important role to introduce new approach on the application of wearable devices that can be used both for leisure and holydays as for professional uses on outdoor conditions. Also in our lab we host some tools for makers and we are used to organize some workshops focused on testing and ideation of new products and ideas.

previous experience: During our activities, we have explored the possibility to realize new clothes with an heating system dedicated to water sports and naval sector. We have involved the Foundation Istituto Superiore Mario Boella in Turin to explore the possibility to use the Peltier principle for the heating system. We did some studies about the technologies available to finalize this product with the involvement of the Foundation. The results have not been positive to apply this technology and we are now evaluating to switch to other solutions in the mid term. We are now exploring other technological option based on innovation in electronics and materials.


Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
  • - Motion picture projection activities
  • – Sound recording and music publishing activities

University, Technological Research Centre, other Research Organization

  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: In our lab we develop smart devices dedicated to sport activities and outdoor and we play with new materials, electronics and software innovation. We are a start-up that already experienced cooperation with university, students, freelancers and the community of users. To be influenced from the people and actor involved in our ecosystem is fundamental for our community to enlarge the competencies and the sharing of knowledge.

Non Institutional new Innovation Agents

  • - Maker-space
  • – Tech shop
  • - Other similar entity: Startup

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