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department/unit: Seeding Growth- Innovation & Creativity office


The company at glance

services: I am now an innovation and business strategy consultant and business growth facilitator. I accompany companies in the process of reformulating its challenges and managing the growth of its business to achieve tangible results. I lean on classic management methodologies plus tools such as Creative Problem Solving or Design Thinking. I work through specific projects, adapted to needs of the customer: from one or just half day workshops to 3 months project. Skills: Innovation Consulting, Strategic Consulting, Social Innovation, Creativity, Facilitation, Training, Mentoring, Business Growth, Entrepreneurship. More about me? #Curious #Multidisciplinary #Energetic #with Global Vision And finally, I strongly believe in the benefits of the collaboration. That's why I'm interested in being part of this network.

previous experience: I started my professional career in the marketing and advertising fields for companies in the Leisure, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Media sectors. I played a role in marketing and business development but also in creativity and innovation. In the last years I have developed my professional career in innovation and business strategy consulting being social innovation and collaboration my main passions. That’s why I’m very interested in 4helix+ project as it seeks to promote growth in SMEs through a new look, more innovative and creative, based on collaboration and facilitation. These pillars are also the basis of my methodology applied to creativity workshops and innovation projects aimed at SMEs and large companies. And I am also interested in seeking a positive impact on what I do: that is why I want growth, but positive and sustainable growth. My methodology is based always in collaboration. I have run creativity workhops and innovation projects with companies from different sectors. My role is always focused in growth facilitation. Some of my clients have been: Abertis, CCMA, Pierre Fabre Ibérica, Mail Boxes, Plana Fàbrega, Arpa Films, Anakena, Ecoindustria, La Huella creative sound studio. At present I’m working in two projects related with creativity and innovation. One is the European project CreaInnovation run by Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the other is Arpa Films by ICEC-Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises. I have also participated, in the role of facilitator and mentor, in different international initiatives of training and entrepreneurship in social innovation. Some of the examples are: Wisar (HacktheGap awarded at 4YFN), Fledge-the conscious accelerator (seven International stratups, all with a strong component of social or environmental innovation), Ànima BCn (own project of entrepreneurship in social innovation presented at the BCN OPEN CHALLENGE international competition of the City Council of Barcelona obtaining the second prize). From the academic side I have a BBA&MBA from ESADE Business School and a Master in Broadcasting Management from UAB-Universitat Autònoma de Bellaterra. I have additional education in innovation and creativity as Design Thinking course held by ESADE and Art Center College of Design, Creative Problem Solving certification by The Creative Education Foundation and the specific program ICT4SME-Innovation, Creativity and Talent for SME by ESADE.


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