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services: Chiodi Consulting provides services and technical assistance to companies for the design of new products, for their realization and promotion on the markets. Its organization takes care of the relationship with the trade, conducts market surveys on consumer needs and implements communication projects on the web and social media as well as providing advice for access to non-repayable Structural Fund programs and European Union funding. dedicated to companies operating in the seafood sector. Chiodi consulting performs market research, develops marketing and communication plans for companies. It offers press office services, creates articles and editorial services for companies, in particular for companies in the seafood sector. Gabriele Chiodi directly manages contacts with the large-scale retail trade, is a consultant for COOP Italia and organizes in-store marketing campaigns included in co-marketing activities between companies and distribution.

previous experience: Gabriele Chiodi is a consultant for Trade Fairs and Public Bodies for the realization of events and areas dedicated to the seafood sector. Since 2006 he has edited the events of MSE di RIMINIFIERA. In 2015 he realized the start of the TUTTOFOOD Seafood sector - Fiera Milano on the occasion of Expo. In 2016 he studied the area dedicated to fish products inside the CIBUS Fiera di Parma. From 2017 he is an expert columnist on the MARK UP magazine and partner for the creation of the SEAFOOD SUMMIT- - which is responsible for the special annual number on the fish market. Current collaboration as a journalist at the Mark Up, the first Italian marketing specialist specialized in retail. He also publishes articles on the magazine "IL PESCE" specialized in the fishing industry. In the past He participated as a consultant in the Interreg program selected "IN ROSE" aimed at creating a new browser for people between Italy and Croatia. I participated in numerous tables with the Foreigner I.C.E .. He participated in a summit in Volos in Greece as a representative of the Municipality of Rimini presenting the project IN ROSE. In the last year I participated as a speaker jointly Annual Confeence - Fora dell'Adriatico and Ionio chambre of commerce - working group on Blue Growt Agenda. Recent participation, in november 2018, as a speaker at the international fishing fair of Porec in Croatia - CROFISH: presentation title: Evolution of the fish market: new perspectives and opportunities.


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