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services: We connect artists and enterprises, by creating tailored interventions in the elds of: 1) Marketing Aim: brand identity analysis Methodology: through narrative thinking the company becomes the main character of a story. It has to carry out a mission and ght its enemies relyi on its wealth of experience and taking advantage of its instruments. 2) Internal communication Aim: successful transmission of the company values to the employees. Methodology: by working with artworks employees are integrated into the company’s values universe in an emphatic way. As a result, their sense of belonging to the company and their teamwork skills are improved. 3) Research and Development Aim: technical or aesthetical innovation of products and services. Methodology: creation of a heterogeneous workgroup consisting of artists and industry experts. Business training consultants lead the group in a creative process in which the artists’ visionary approach serves as a disruptive element to stimulate new and original ideas.

previous experience: MARKETING Project name: Hero A brand is not just a name: it is the vision that allows the creation of products and services that go under that name. If market positioning or communication strategies can vary over time, brand identity represents the timeless essence of a trade name, that set of characteristics and values that give an image, a purpose and a meaning to the company. HERO is a method of analysis and construction of the brand identity following the brand-as-person technique: a screenwriter and a graphic designer use the cinematographic structure of the “hero’s journey” to turn the company into the protagonist of a lm. Every lm has a protagonist, a hero/heroine embarking on an adventure to reach an extraordinary goal: in the course of the journey he/she encounters enemies and obstacles, but he/she can always count on his/her inner strength and expertise to achieve his/her goal … R&D Project name: Between for pathologists Our goal is putting pathologists using remote devices in the same psychophysical conditions they are in when in front of patients. The gaming/training activity we present is executed by pathologists just before they begin the activity with the new tool. The nal goal is to allow a smooth transition from the analogical gestures - that has always been made during surgeries - to the digital gestures. Selected movements will be a continuum: the rst ones emulate the gestures the pathologist would make while using a binocular microscope. They will slowly become movements that train the hand to manage the new device. Our project is based on the fact that gestures hold a memory and human emotions are both gestural, both corporal. Our app will allow pathologists to use the new device with the relaxation needed to appreciate its advantages and peculiarities. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Project name: Ecce Business Ecce Business is an intervention that, through the encounter between business and art, aects two vital areas for the productivity of a company: product storytelling and corporate culture. If the ability of artists to aect the external communication of a company is now established, the relationship between art and corporate culture seems less obvious: what can an artist do to implement the universe of values of a company? The answer lies in the process that leads to the creation of an art work. An artist takes his/her cue from a universal concept – love, war, memory… – and by ltering it through his/her very personal vision transforms it into a unique and innovative product. The same process applied to a business, stimulates employees to embrace the values representing the corporate culture, fostering internal communication and a sense of belonging. Ecce Business is a unique intervention: based on the characteristics of the company, Sineglossa identies an artist and / or an artistic context, creating original and exclusive art works made ad hoc.


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