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services: Circul'R is a dynamic, international and positive impact network of more than 400 circular economy entrepreneurs. Our goal is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by offering the following services to startups, SMEs and large companies : 1 . Training and design thinking : we organise trainings and workshops to help entrepreneurs and businesses design innovative products and services following circular economy principles. 2 . Open innovation programs : we help companies to unlock their circular economy potential by auditing their activities, identifying opportunities to develop circular products and services, and connecting them with the right partners to co-create innovative solutions. 3 . Access to the Circul’R Ecosystem : by joining our community of more than 400 circular entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide (including in the maritime sector), you will have access to potential partners, business opportunities, knowledge of the latest innovations, and visibility on our social media (17000+ followers).

previous experience: In the last 3 years, we supported many companies to transition to a circular economy model, which means : - Reducing their environmental impact (thus reducing costs): consuming less natural resources and producing less waste. - Creating innovative products and services that offer positive solutions to environmental problems // Here are some examples of our success stories : Sodexo and Niiji : We audited Sodexo's catering activities in one site (a European institution based in Bruxelles); We suggested opportunities for improvements in terms of environmental impact and reduction of costs ; We presented innovative solutions to adress Sodexo's challenges, including Niiji, a reusable lunchbox, to reduce the use of plastic in the catering activities // Heinekein and Lemontri : We advised Heinekein on how to improve their environmental impact on a festival for which they were the main beer provider ; We connected Heinekein with Lemontri, a startup that created a machine to make waste recycling easy & fun // We worked with Decathlon to design the first "circular" backpack and tent that use only biodegradable materials // Training and design thinking workshops on circular economy : Decathlon, SUEZ, CITEO, Volkswagen Group France // 200+ conferences during major events or within large companies : Antifashion (Marseille), TedX CAD Brussels, Auchan, Air France, Decathlon, Bel, GRDF, SNCF, Societe Generale, Unilever...


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  • - Other similar entity: International network of circular economy entrepreneurs

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