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services: FVB s.r.l - THE HIVE is a Business Incubator & Accelerator certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, under the Italian Law as per paragraph 5 of Article 25, of the D.L. n. 179/2012, converted into Law no. 221/2012. THE HIVE is a project of international scope that aims to promote economic development and job creation by integrating talents, technologies, know-how and capital within a network that promotes the growth of new businesses. This was an important acknowledgement obtained thanks to a track record that guarantees a concrete, active and fruitful chain structured by The Hive; it follows and supports start-up through all phases of development, working as a booster during the initial phase of growth, the entrance on the market and the search for capital. The Hive has been selected as one of the top 10 incubators in Europe and the World affiliated to Universities, in the ranking made by Uni Global (TOP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATED BUSINESS INCUBATOR) and is the first incubator in Italy with the process of incubation certified by TUV Thuringen (Certificazione TUV per il Sistema di Incubazione e Accelerazione di Start-up). The Hive has a network of qualified consultants and managers that accompanies the new entrepreneurs in the development of their business idea, providing expertise in research, strategy, marketing, finance and management.

previous experience: FVB s.r.l. - The Hive is a partner in many different collaborative projects, many of them funded by European Union grants: ENGAGING - from 01/10/2015 until 01/10/2017 Gamification as Applied Growth-Hacking and Incubating method for improving New Ground-Based Skills in Start-uppers and Enterprises The project aims at providing new skills for business developers and coaches so that they can assist entrepreneurs through new ways of personalized assistance, helping in the development of ideas and projects, applying the theory of “gamification” and growth hacking techniques. ESSENCE from 01/09/2017 until 30/09/2019 Enhance Skills in StartUps for wastE iN Circular Economy ESSENCE project identifies three main skills areas to be improved and core skills such as the ability to learn and to innovate. To be improved: Entrepreneurial skills to seize the opportunities of circular economy processes, focused on the waste usage sector; Management skills to ensure preparation to deal with adaptation and changes in the phases of re-directing the classical economy model toward a green/circular/sustainable integrated system. SUCCEED from 09/01/2016 to 31/08/2019. StimUlate finanCial eduCation to foster EntrEpreneurship and Development The project aims at analysing the shortcomings at the national level for each participating country and to create and test advanced tools for training in the field of financial economics. It involves daily economic management, for the creation of new businesses, such as evaluating a loan, how to calculate the interest of a mortgage, how to manage a depreciation schedule and so on. T4 from 10/03/2016 until 10/02/2018 Transnational Technology TransferTraining: Training Blueprints for Accelerated Growth The objective of the project is to increase and improve the skills and the capacity of European SMEs in the field of technology transfer and accelerate transnational organizations in the public and private stakeholders to improve the compliance of SMEs skills with needs. To achieve these objectives, the project will: Monitor the gap between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and transnational technological innovation processes; Establish a training mechanism that is permanent, transparent, always evolving and multi-actor, which allows meeting the specific needs of SMEs; Increase institutional, technological and training capacity and awareness. Enforces from the 1st September 2017 until the 30th September 2019 EmpoweriNg FOod Circular Economy in Startups The ENFOrCES project aims at covering the gap in those fields primarily by empowering the trainers of future entrepreneurs but also enhancing the knowledge of policymakers by supplying counselling material for policy-makers inspiring them to enable better conditions to change production, transport and market paradigms.


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