department/unit: TESSERA MULTIMEDIA S.A.


The company at glance

services: Tessera Multimedia S.A. activates in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and specializes in the design and the development of web, mobile and multimedia applications. Main services: Digital marketing, web design and branding, multimedia educational software, educational games, online games and simulation, educational animated movies, virtual labs, 3D stereoscopic images, motion animation video, VR Real Time 3D, social media marketing, web development, mobile apps development, UX / UI design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media management, web analytics, e-commerce solutions, Google ads campaigns, internet marketing & online advertising.

previous experience: The company has successfully designed and implemented a great number of complex software projects in a wide variety of sectors: Media, Advertising, Culture, Education, Tourism, Engineering and has gained distinctions for its multimedia software. Collaborations / Experience: - Pedagogical Institute, Research Academic Institute of Computer Technology & Ministry of Education, development of educational applications for Primary and Secondary Education - Science Centre and Technology Museum NOESIS, development of: - Short animated films, - Educational online games, - Virtual labs, 3D stereoscopic images representing objects / exhibits of the Museum, - Web portal of the Museum - Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest: 3D presentation and virtual tour of Museum premises (VR Real Time 3D) - Prefecture of South Aegean: motion animation video titled ‘The myths of the Aegean’ - Ministry of Transports: online educational game for teaching traffic education - Organization of Promoting Greek Tourism: online educational games - IS project KP-LAB: online education system facilitating innovative learning practices through exchange of knowledge - Leonardo da Vinci project ComLab 2 - exploiting ICT tools in teaching Physics & Technology. The company dealt with the design of simulations and the transfer of the material developed in web technologies - IST project DUNES: online educational software to develop skills related to expression, dialogue, argumentation. Other collaborations: • R&D project / Program Bilateral Cooperation between Greece - China 2012-2014. With the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and 2 Chinese partners • Supporting software for teaching the Greek language in all classes of primary school, for the Greek Pedagogical Institute. • Research project "Development of software for extracting data from heterogeneous sources". Program "Creation of Regional Innovation Poles", Ministry of Development. Cooperation with the University of Macedonia • Project Chryssalides - "Development of integrated educational software products" for the Greek Computer Technology Institute. The company coordinated the project «AgentSheets: Educational Tool for building interactive simulations and activities for the Greek School» that involved the development of educational simulations for 4 courses • Project under the Program Cooperation 2011 / project SYNERGY - Partnerships between businesses and research bodies • Project under the action ICT4GROWTH, to support businesses to provide innovative products and value-added services • A tailor-made modelling and calculation tool for thermal insulation ‘Energynius’, with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. EU Programmes: - FIWARE/FI-C3. Project diaBEATes, - FIWARE/FRACTALS. Project TAQ, - ICT-PSP. Project MO-BIZZ, - IS. Project KP-LAB, - Leonardo da Vinci. Project ComLab 2, - IST. Project DUNES.


Cultural Heritage

  • - Cultural education

Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Publishing of computer games

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