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services: NOESIS – Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum was founded in 2004. It is a non-profit cultural and educational foundation that promotes the public understanding of Science and Technology, in a way that is both educational and recreational. The main objective of the Center is the popularization of current scientific and technological knowledge and its dissemination to the public through permanent and temporary exhibitions, movies, educational programs, seminars and lectures. In the last 12 years, we (co)-designed and produced over 15 small or medium scale temporary exhibitions about hands-on exhibits, astrophotography, computer history, art and science, ancient Greek technology, etc. The educational programs target both school groups and individuals and are either linked to the science Greek curriculum or related to current scientific issues. The Center aims to become a leading attraction in the field of Science Culture and Technology in the South-Eastern Europe. Each year approximately 250.000 visitors, including 4.000 school groups of compulsory education, visit NOESIS.

previous experience: • Educational Programs, such as “Summer Camp”, science shows, “Renewable Energy Sources 1 & 2”, “Robotics Lab”, “Electronics lab”, “Aeromodelling” etc. More specifically, “Summer Camp” is a weekly program for primary school pupils with a number of activities about science and technology with a pedagogical and easy going perspective. “Science shows” are 45’ experiment presentations that explain in a simple and straightforward way physics and chemistry laws. They specifically focus on everyday science, space, pressure, simple machines, etc. “Renewable Energy Sources 1 & 2” are two educational programs, with two versions each, for primary and high school pupils. A number of educational tools such as the use of NT (eg., tablets), role playing , board games are implemented. “Robotics Lab” is a series of labs for primary and high school pupils on constructing and programming real robots. “Electronics lab” are designed for primary and high school pupils and deal with electric circuits and electronics. “Aeromodelling” is a series of labs for primary and high school pupils on the basic concepts of flight and the construction of aero-models. • Meetings and Discussions with members of the scientific community, in collaboration with other institutions, such as the British Council, the French Institute etc. • Synergies with local municipalities to present science shows to public places. • Energy for Life: An environmental awareness programme that calls on eleven remote places, spreading ideas, thoughts, and insight of ecological interest to students as well as to the inhabitants of the islands it visits. • Special annual large scale Events (up to some thousands participants) with free entrance such as “Astroparty”, “Science Festival”, “Annual informatics school conference», “First Lego League” competition, etc. • Cooperation with other Institutions, Universities, Museums, other foundations across Europe and participation in competitive programs such as: “Black Sea”, “E-Learning”, “Erasmus Plus”, “Grundvig”, “The City is my Learning Space”, “Skyroute”, “Recording of Science Center and Technology Museum’s cultural heritage and promotion through new digital services”, etc. • Planning, organizing, presenting and hosting periodical exhibitions such as “G – play”, “Green Infopoint”, “CERN Exhibition”, “Telecommunications”, “Aegean – The Birth of an Archipelago”, “Retrosystem”, “Exercises in style crossing time”, “Ancient Greek Agora”. • Competitions such as “Mathematical and Logic Competition”, “First Lego League” etc. • Digital Dome Productions such as “Space Mission 101” and “Space Mission 201”


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  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: NOESIS is the most popular science museum in Greece. We host approximately 120.000 local and international visitors annually. Visitors comprise mainly from children, adults and school groups. Our website has more than 100.000 visitors per year. We are involved in a number of regional, national and international projects either as coordinators or partners. Our primary scope is to engage in collaborations with different partners, share knowledge and experiences and contribute actively in scientific and technological literacy. Areas of Activity: ? Educational programs for school groups and individuals. ? Open access events (e.g., science cafes) which address critical issues for the public. ? Large scale events (e.g., science festivals, school competitions). ? Temporary exhibitions on science, technology and art. Our Competencies: ? Expertise in the development of education materials ? Expertise in linking science and technology to the society through large scale events. ? Expertise in creating and managing innovative projects. ? Expertise in explainers’ training.

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