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The company at glance

services: NetRDA has give its support on handicraft women association working with creative industries in Albania. Their products was a) handmade carpets, b) handmade wool products with traditional motives. Our support consist on promotion activities all over the country. Promotion through leaflets design, distribution, create & sent online websites, facilitate them to participate in event such as fair or big mall with their products in order to advertisement and trade. We provide basic cultural education on business key elements for creative industries. We have emphasize that their core value of business consist in the importance of heritage value, tradition transferee, unique production manner, antique models bring in our days expressed in new style, local raw materials used for their products, exchange experience between old craftsmanship and young ladies etc., compare to the other issue of business. NetRDA has inspired & support Venice Art Mask Company from Shkoder working in creative industry producing Venetian mask. NetRDA has design a very good graphic web site, including videos, clips, music, flashes, dynamic banners promoting their products. NetRAD has been realized the graphic design of some publishing made from different CSO, in Albania such as ARZH Tirana, RASP, CCP, QPBE Durres, CCI Durres, UCCI, etc. We have provide courses on graphic design.

previous experience: Our main activities in creative industries has been in capacity building for graphic design, sustainability of business as well as promotion activities they need to realize. This is made through project Nemewea Networking mentoring woman entrepreneur artisan. Activities with young Architects consist in graphic design techniques and using computer as a valuable tools in their hands. Such activity is made mainly in private initiative. Leaflet design for different promotion activities are made under different requirements from CSO. Website design are made for schools under the projects EMIS of UNICEF. The main purposes was promotion and communication of major education statistics between schools and Education Departments Website design are made under the project SEECEL South East European Center for European Learning for 10 different schools mainly promoting entrepreneur skills in schools. In Berat was published a book where NetRDA has made all graphic design and take care for publishing. The same activity with different activities


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