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services: Talento Consultores de Comunicación provides comprehensive business and institutional communication services from a strategic point of view. Giving global responses to global problems is only possible from comprehensive approaches. Our raison d'être is based on providing solutions in the field of internal and external communication of companies and institutions, and in fields as valuable as Engagement, Branding, Marketing and Online Marketing or Corporate Communication, among others. The method used is based on the particular analysis of the situations, the approach to the needs and the establishment of objectives. In line with our global philosophy of work, Talento Consultores de Comunicaión integrates a group of communication professionals, including journalists, publishers, creatives and graphic designers, economists, experts in Marketing and professionals of the online world, in order to offer a service and final work according to the expectations of our clients. Thanks to a long trajectory and the clients who have relied on our know how (Airbus Defense & Space, Junta de Andalucía, Peugeot or Metro de Sevilla, among others), Talento Consultores de Comunicación has been configured as a dynamic and current company, capable of address and solve any need you may have in the field of communication and marketing, such as advertising, institutional events, audiovisual productions, corporate strategies or development of online ecosystems, among others.

previous experience: Talento Consultores de Comunicación was selected by the fishing development Group Cadiz-Strait to develop a proposal of global dynamization of the coastal zone between the populations Cadiz and the line of the conception, in Cadiz. After conducting an audit and a thorough study of the opportunities and possibilities offered by such rich terrain, a tourism project would be created that would unite all the participating localities under the same scale, with one element in common, but which would allow to diversify its activity to reach the largest number of companies and to deal with much of the productive fabric of the localities. The nexus of the union was the ancient phoenician traps used in blue fin tuna fishing, which is still in use today. In this way, the millenary route of the tuna was born, a bet of economic, tourist, social and cultural dynamization that put in value the whole zone through this animal and this technique being one of the General Motors of the zone for more than 3000 years. To this end, four lines of work were developed: RAICES (which puts in value all the cultural and historical legacy); SABORES (which enhances the already recognized gastronomic culture of the area thanks to the sea, the land and the first quality cattle that possesses), EMOCIONES (based on the development of all the nautical sports existing in the zone and the terrestrial ones); And finally, VIDA (which tries to make known the natural richness of the area, with national natural parks, both terrestrial and submarines). With all this, we created working groups and energized the entire business fabric of the area to begin the work of building structures, synergies and a program of promotion with numerous activities in each of the localities (gastronomic routes, Sports competitions...) That culminated with the presence of the millenary tuna route in FITUR and the realization, for the first time, of a hoarseness of a blue fin tuna of more than 300 kilos live, becoming one of the images and news of opening of the main general and specialized means. Work done: Market research, branding, creation and management of tourism product, Marketing Plan, creativity and design, creation of audiovisual pieces, creation of online strategies, advertising planning, corporate events, assistance to specialized fairs (integral service).


Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities
  • - Photographic activities

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  • - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
  • - Motion picture, video and television programme postproduction activities
  • – Sound recording and music publishing activities


  • – Advertising Agencies

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