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services: The services offered by the Blu Marine Service are: Consulting for the development of innovative materials / products from marine resources, promoting sustainability in the exploitation of resources. Consultancy for the use of biodegradable materials in substitution of plastics through the study and planning of the entire logistics cycle for the correct management of waste Feasibility studies for alternative uses of waste from the fishing industry such as for example fish skin Consulting for eco-sustainable fishing techniques and tools for marine resources restocking programmes Development of services for the implementation of the circular economy in the marine and fisheries sector using emerging technologies Scouting and Dissemination of innovative technologies for the enhancement of fish products such as the use of solar dryers for fish conservation Design and implementation of cultural initiatives related to the sea in all its aspects (sporting events and cultural events) Creation of product / service brands and definition of the marketing plan for the enhancement of resources related to the sea. Design and implementation of artificial reef with innovative materials and techniques. Networking services for linking the fishing and marittime sector to cultural and creative sector

previous experience: Blue packaging project (Pioneer project on the use of biobased material in substitution of expanded polystyrene) The Blue packaging project focused on the experimentation of innovative material packaging, biodegradable and compostable, in substitution of the expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes used in the fishing sector. In summary all the stakeholders involved in the project received a positive impact from the activities developed, through the benefits related to the adoption of eco-friendly packaging, stimulating the realization of concrete actions in order to prevent and reduce the marine litter, and enhancing at the same time the sea food product value. Solar dryer' Project The project aim to develop a production cycle for obtaining dried fish in a cheap, easy and convenient manner. The project create a production process that transforms the fish product in dehydrated product. The production process is based on a simple but innovative techniques involving dehydration of the product through a solar dryer, which does not use electricity if not in small part and which is powered by a solar panel. The plant is totally eco-friendly and with minimal environmental impact. This project demonstrate that can be developed a new opportunity of business diversification for the small scale fishery sector, using old traditions but with innovative solutions. Skin fish' Project This project proves that fish is not only a valuable food source but can also provide raw material for other more durable products. The project promotes the tanning and the alternative use of fish skin transforming the raw material in different products. The project opened up a new area of business within the craft sector, providing an opportunity for the creation of new businesses and employment, linking the creative sector with the fishing activities in order to reduce waste and use new materials.


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