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The company at glance

services: Since 2011, the Entreautre design studio has created delicate design experiences and received 8 international design awards. We are specialised in design thinking, industrial design and innovation. We help our client to develop their businesses, innovate and create meaningful product and services. We want to be part of an optimistic movement, promote for a smart and human centred bright future. we use different process and tools to explore user needs to finalize projects. We are very interesting about the Blue economy, and we alway challenge startup and company during our workshop. The two founders of the studio studied industrial design and engineering and this make us concerned about the industrial aspect of the project. We design stunning object and we know how to making it, and this is very important to our clients. We continue to learn, Bertrand studied eco-design (Master in eco-conception at Chambery university) as we wanted to be more responsible about our design proposition and so to be a creative force to our clients. Gauthier got a master in Design management and innovation to complete our skills in this area of management by the design. We are involved in the strategic aspect of our client roadmap, bring Design at this stage help the company to question differently the market and user needs. This could position the new project in the right spot to fill a gap in the market or find a fresh new market to explore.

previous experience: At the Entreautre design studio we work since 2011 in all the phases of global design project, we can help companies to innovate with creativity workshop and design thinking process. We can sketch creative idea, prototype unique concept, do the 3D modélisation and conception too, and finally bring an award winning product/service to the market. Entreautre developed and bring to the market nearly 50 products since 2011 with SMEs, it is 75% of our clients. Some of them come from a leader business seminar we created to show and explain our Design process to company leader. We taught “how to innovate by the Design” and helped them to formalise and to validate their strategic projects. We made this seminar during 4 years. We continue to make seminar and this year we created few workshops to help entrepreneur to develop their business and learn participative tools. We teach them how to look outside the box and see opportunities where no one is. (CMA PACA “Ateliers d’émergence créative” 2018 /Seminar “tourisme” 2017 / CMA ardèche ” TPE 2.0” 2016) This year we had the opportunity to work with the 8 fablab and the CCVD in a global design project. The challenge was to imaginate a new service to develop intermodal mobility in a rural area. From the beginning a team with persons from all the partners involve was created, Entreautre was the facilitator to drive and share his knowledge in project management to the team. We used participative tools and the collective intelligence during the different project phases. The Blueprint methodology was used to explore user scenario to understand user’s needs. As the project was complex, we ended up to make few experience maps to fully master all connecting and interacting components of the service. Few user analysis on site was made to be sure to match the reel user’s needs. The result is a mobile App for intermodal mobility and a mobility’s station for the territory to help understand and use the service, even without any connecting device. We created a mobile app and a connected product to help blind person to move into the city in a safer way. (GOSENSE “Rango” 2016) We work on the Design and communication strategies with company like Yellowscan to help them to create strong brand identity, we developed a complete range of successful product and so the adventure continue..


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