B10 - Business talent Enterprise Netwwork, SA (BTEN)

department/unit: BUsiness Consulting Company


The company at glance

services: B'TEN was founded by the belief that it is possible to create value integrating a network of multiple talents in the fields of management, economics, engineering, corporate finance, human resources, ICT, lean management and lean production, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, that shares a common vision. The innovative combination o this multiplicity of knowledge, properly engaged and committed, is a response to the challenges of competitiveness of a market in permanent changing. To deliver on this commitment, we work in partnership with our clients, providing the management expertise and support them in order to thrive their needs, regardless of where the organization is in its lifecycle – Starting Up, Growing Up or Turning Around. To achieve this, we use a set of methodologies of which the most Entrepreneurship - transforming ideas in business models and entrepreneur ecosystems, be it at the regional, local or industry level Business development - supporting the definition of goals, the implementation of growth strategies and best practice in business sustainability, through coaching and interim management Internationalization - identifying opportunities and accelerating our customers’ growth in international markets Sustainability –affirming its market position, through the efficient use of resources, enhancing the ecological, cultural and social environment as support for competitiveness.

previous experience: We have a lot of experience in working with entrepreneurs and startups, both in the initial stage as in acceleration programmes. Our customers speak for themselves and include ANJE - The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, CEC - The Enterprise Confederation of the Center of Portugal, AIDA - The Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro, CIMT - The Intermunicipal Council of Medio Tejo, RIERC - The Association of Technological Parks and Incubators, and a few others.


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