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The company at glance

services: Open Media Group is non-for-profit, non-governmental organization based in Zagreb specialized in awareness raising media campaigns ( OMG works with young people willing to employ their knowledge and experience in promotion of human rights (talented film directors, film editors, screenwriters, producers and actors). They have developed numerous projects and media campaigns using media language and media influence to point to different important issues. We use our expertise that includes media production, organization, media campaign design, and knowledge on media effects and its impact to raise awareness of the broad public.

previous experience: We have made the first media campaign against trafficking for USAID in Croatia (TV clip, billboards and city lights), and was noticed and highly prized in evaluation by the donors. OMG produced several social awareness media campaigns which were broadcasted on ORF (Austrian television) and ARTE, and several award winning (goEast Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, European Film Academy, Sarajevo Film Festival, Sapporo Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival – HotDocs, New York etc.) fiction films and documentaries which are promoting different human rights WE ARE NOW PARTNERS AT FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS: 1. PAL Push Network for Roma Entrepreneurship, is a ERASMUS+ K2 project that involves seven countries with the aim to encourage Roma population to engage in entrepreneurship and try to start a new business. In order to do that, project produced manual for future Roma entrepreneurs, develop the methodology of training and organize training of trainers. Also, the webinars in 7 different languages will be organized, as well as training camp for young Roma. The OMG role (beside taking part in all activities) is to produce on-line educational video game that will include 150 questions on entrepreneurship and be available in 8 languages. 2. ROBOTICS 4.0 ALL, is also ERASMUS+ K2 project aimed at the youth interested in STEM and robotics. The aim of the two years long project is to improve the formal and informal robotics education based on the thorough analysis of the current state of affairs in seven countries. The project partners will develop the curriculum for robotics education, secure training for teachers and, most importantly, organize national and international Robocamps for teenagers (13 to 17 years of age). The trainers will be prepared for the EVCET certification. The OMG role is to deal with the dissemination of the results (beside all other common activities).


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  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: O.M.G. – OPEN MEDIA GROUP has been founded with the aims of promotion of civil society and protection of human rights, especially rights of the young by compiling modern technologies with arts, especially film art; raising awareness of the young and promoting the values of the society of equal opportunities for all citizens, and especially promoting gender equality. O.M.G. gathers young people that decided to employ their knowledge and experience in promotion of human rights and value of democracy (talented film directors, film editors, screenwriters, producers, and actors). Our experience includes media production, organization, media campaign design, and knowledge on media effects and impact. O.M.G. has created, developed and realized numerous social awareness media campaigns, documentary films, fiction films and animation films in co-operation with various partners.

Non Institutional new Innovation Agents

  • - Maker-space
  • - Creative hub

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