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services: We offer tailored solutions to implement environmental, social and economic sustainability, and to capitalize on cultural/natural heritage. Our activities are focused on promoting innovation (research, development, and adoption) that is aimed at the benefit of SMEs and other stakeholders as drivers of sustainable development in several sectors of the socio-economic system, including the Blue Growth and the activities that are related to the economy of the Sea. We also provide solutions and advice in the perspective of designing and implementing cutting-edge business models based on creative/cultural sectors (e.g., art/photo expositions, video productions, interactive tools, live events, etc.). As the communication is at the core of our expertise, we design and implement communication strategies that include digital/traditional media, support to the concept and design of interactive applications (mobile and desktop solutions), the organization of events. These activities also include the design and the adoption of creative/innovative entrepreneurial strategies and processes within existing organizations & design of follow-up and evaluation activities. We work in a framework that is also defined by the movement of ideas, methods, practices, and people in the perspective of overcoming cultural, linguistic, economic and other barriers; the planning and implementation of actions, whose reverberation is of inspiration and trigger for further transformations and innovations.

previous experience: Long experience in the field of the communication of sustainable development-related topics, with a specific focus on climate change. The collaboration with the Ocean-Lab, Laboratory of Operational Oceanography run by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, brought me to operate in the framework of applied research and to take part to the design and the realization of applications dedicated to producing reliable and timely information about the environment at sea: forecasts and modeling. I took part in the creation of Marine, memorandum of understanding that involves more than 30 actors (among them: research centers, associations, public and private institutions) to promote scientific, technological cooperation to transfer innovation from the research to the society. My area of work also includes communication activities, development of online and offline communication strategies, media relations, dissemination activities; coordination, planning, and management of institutional communication, event organization (Conferences, workshops, webinars, public debates). In the field of communication, I'm working as WP and task leader for communication activities in several European projects (Climateurope, Medscope, EUCP); I also develop communication activities for the IPCC Focal Point for Italy. Among the events that I have contributed to, as organizer and press officer, some were dedicated to the Blue Growth and to the sustainable development of the Sea: Giornata mondiale degli oceani – “Salute del mare e dell’uomo: turismo, sport e sviluppo sostenibile” (Lecce, 8 giugno 2018); Festival Asvis Evento Nazionale SDG 14: Vita sott’acqua – Palermo - 05 giugno 2018; Open Lab – Storie del futuro: la scienza del clima per lo sviluppo sostenibile, Lecce - 22 maggio 2018.


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