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services: MANIACARD - Free card, Advertising & Media is specialized in corporate identity, naming, branding, design and web design, logo design, verbal identity, brand communication, packaging solutions, awareness campaign and organization of events and promotion activities. We work on the complexity of the process of communication, using modern methods, marketing tools, innovation processes for developing the most effective communication plans and brand strategies, turning into new products and services. By connecting creativity, strategic thinking and professionalism, our business ideas always bring successful results. We have been distinguished for its own style of concept, realization and implementation of promotional, responsiveness and educative projects in Albania. MAIN FIELDS OF ACTIVITIES ARE: Raising public awareness and transmit to the wide public strong messages for brands, activities regarding social themes such are: sustainable development of territories, environment protection, marketing territorial etc. Promote through all available medias and print materials; indoor and outdoor media. Support initiatives and develop strategies on how to design and use open innovation processes for emerging economic activities. Marketing territorial, Our Video, Photo & Imagery Department, with an expertise from more than 10 years and their knowledge makes them giving new approaches and are able to produce quality products in short time, video shooting, post-production etc.

previous experience: MANIACARD- Free Card, Advertising Media has gained experience by implementing many projects and activities related to environmental protection or in many other areas. We have been contributing to Marketing Territorial and Tourism in Albania: Idea, Concept and Discipline of SOUTH COASTAL REGION OF ALBANIA - has been a great experience. The Vlora Region's tourist brand slogan seeks to invite everyone to find themselves in a wonderful territory and to explore in the most inspirational way. This project aimed at launching a range of innovative campaigns that promote the touristic destinations and attracts tourists, ensuring a long term sustainability not only of the coast but of the entire region. Maniacard has worked for several years with the Municipality of Vlora for promoting the coast through creation of the VLORA TOURIST BRAND during the opening period of the tourist season. Our agency worked with all the relative appliances and use of the brand in different elements, merchandising on an innovative communication campaign, promotion on Social Media, and innovative forms not only for promoting but mostly for improving the services offered during the season by the businesses operating in this field. COMPOSITI VELOCI S.R.L. is a boat construction company that designes and produces fishing boats and touristic boats (blue waters boat) specifically to meet the needs of visitors. For Composity Veloci s.r.l, our agency has designed the logo/ brand of the company in a way to identify it and the philosophy on which it is founded. Mostly, our creative agency has worked with the branding of the boats and with the commercialization of new professional solutions. “IDENTIFICATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ADAPTATION RESPONSE MEASURES TO DRINI – MATI RIVER DELTAS” was another succesful project that Maniacard has been working with UNDP Organization and Lezhe Region Council. Our agency worked on the development of the Communication Strategy and Action Plan for the Drini – Mati River Deltas Project aimed to increase the awareness and the adaptive capacity to Climate Change. The concept & design for the communication campaign was done in collaboration with the project staff in order to identify the main problems that can emerge, through promotional materials, prepared for attracting the attention of the target audience. ALBANIAN BY NATYRE- typically albanian products. MANIACARD designed and created the brand and packaging of the natural products, turning it into a unique brand, symbol of quality of quality for the consumers impacting on consumers choices for buying certified products and assessing the social and ethical enterprises. With Milieukontakt Albania and Shijak Municipality we have worked to communicate to the public about a clean environment, how to take care, and what role can play everyone. The project had a focus on improvement of tax collection and transparency. Our agency implemented a successful media Campaign.


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