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The company at glance

services: Artistic design gives our customers the identity that should be perceived in the market. Today, new concepts of Identity/Brand are being brought in more and more natural way to market, where it is worth emphasizing that it has become possible the introduction of this culture, that involves the structuring of identifying and informative messages, by printed publications or electronic publications on web form, or other interactive and multimedia materials. Our work is focused on: Conceiving image and word campaigns: finding slogans dedicated to reaching the target audience directly and delivering best product/ customer values and generate demand for the product or service. Production of Video & Radio Spot: Production, Shooting, Post Production, Casting, Detailed Storyboard, Creative Scripts, Selection and Voice Recording for Every Campaign. Social Media Networks & Digital: Well-defined social strategy, timeline and planning on all platforms. Build and maintain websites, multifunctional and accessible from all devices. Google ads campaing: creativity, implementation and optimization. BTL & Guerrilla Marketing: Focus where it is needed, at a specific target, efficient and with direct feedback. Face to Face Promotion Guerrilla Marketing. Event organization: Organize events with all the details, in open spaces and conference rooms, in co-ordination with clients.

previous experience: With special care in every service, Mandarina Communication places itself in the position of the partners and their customers, in order to reach the optimum concept. Of course, the flexibility and the experience often facilitate the work to draw an individual concept. That is why we rely on the clouds of creativity. Mandarina Communication offers Design and full marketing services that encompass a number of project types. Projects we have done include logo design, corporate identity packages, corporate identity guidelines, posters, annual reports, trade booth exhibits, banner stands, POP materials. Mandarina Communication has been contributing for the promotion of the products and services of its clients. Starting with the Campaign for the promotion of Smart Budget Transparency in Municipality of Shkodra- For this contract, Mandarina Communication concepted how the Smart Budget Transparency would be communicated/introduced to citizens. A logo was designed on this purpose, a short television sport that gives the key message of Smart Budget Transparency web portal. Also, the agency was responsible for the design of different posters, billboards, leaflets, cards, and other materials and printing of all the promotional materials. All the materials proposed were linked at the key message that the client needed to introduce to the citizens. Mandarina Communication is well known for TOURISM ADVISORY SERVICES, mentioning marketing consultancy for the Capriccio Project. Creation of the Brand Identity-Brand Unique and Institutional Logo representing the ’Capriccio Bar’ Identity, Contemporary Concept and Slogan Design & Application of elements for Brand Book such as leaflets, business cards, envelopes, email campaign, header, folder etc. Web site designer, building and online casting, using the host and current server of "Capriccio Bar". Mandarina Communication has offered design services for the 2016 film festival organised by the Regional Environmental Center, that aims to inform students about the extraordinary natural resources of our country and to raise awareness of environmental protection and the importance of preserving biodiversity. Mandarina Communication brought results through the communication campaign with innovative elements that were embraced by the public and resulted on raising awareness about the topic. In the last year it has been pursuing market research and finding new strategies for realizing creative and inclusive projects, methods in sustainable development of the territory through the introduction of innovative elements both in design and merchandise. Mandarina Communication provides strategic media planning, negotiates media acquisitions, determines marketing endeavors, oversees design and production and ensures integrity.


Cultural Heritage

  • - Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions

Books and Press

  • - Book Publishing
  • - Publishing of Newspapers

Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities
  • - Photographic activities
  • - Artistic creation

Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
  • - Motion picture projection activities
  • - Radio Broadcasting


  • – Advertising Agencies

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