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services: The very existence and growth of every relationship are based on the premise of creation and delivery of value. This is true both for people and companies. We are worth listening to and we provoke interest because we have something to say and we are considered interesting. Thus, the premise is already in place, most of the time implicitly. We must make it explicit. Art Direction and Design:To set our positioning, we must understand the environment in which we are operating. It is a complicated universe, yet often regulated by recurrent habits and instruments. Other subjects establish relationships with our way of being through their own topics and the ways they chose to get attention. Marketing, Media and Events:Relationships occur among subjects, and they demand energy and attention. To isolate a target is not enough; it’s necessary to understand how to start a discussion with it. What we are wearing, the tone of our voices, our timbres and our gestures, all are fundamental to make ourselves heard. In the business world, too, there are some relational metrics to understand and to encode.Strategy and Innovation:To use easy, clear words and concepts in a way that they disappear from the mind of the interlocutor lies at the basis of an effective communication. The interest we provoke is dependant from our uniqueness. Our unique traits have to be so evident to gain attention, become the main leverage points, the reason why we are sought and chosen.

previous experience: Our creative labs are places where people and languages meet; spaces and instruments available to those who want to transform thoughts in valuable projects. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION FOR CULTURAL PROJECTS: To work for cultural projects means to reflect on the context in which we are operating, along with its actors. For this reason, we try to read the territory and understand the people who have been offering content and projects for a long time. A cultural system must give value to all strategic assets, and must create the conditions to allow the efficient work of the operators. The communication builds an imagery, exactly like we did with the TEDxAncona Project. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION FOR BUSINESS: We follow a methodology consolidated in more than ten years of experience, which allows to share a journey aimed at the definition of the company’s value. This value, transformed in topics of communication, isolates a number of key points representing the bricks at the foundations of the information’s architecture. This architecture reflects in the creation of a clear message and a consistent identity. A company’s communication defines the company’s identity, exactly like we did with CDM Book Design project. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Products and services place themselves in a competitive market where the difference is made by how the target audience perceives them. Following this premise, it is fundamental to understand the company’s focalization, namely the market segment where to efficiently position the product or the service. Communication is positioning, exactly like we did with Manfrotto project. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION FOR WELFARE AND HUMAN RESOURCES: People are at the center of every single process. From this premise, we build communication systems where the human resources are at the core of the company’s values. This way, we can activate an efficient internal communication process, elevate the quality of the working life and set the basis to communicate these values to the market. Communication is human, exactly like we did with Elica people project. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION FOR THE ACADEMIC WORLD: Training is an essential asset for a company or an organization that wants to grow and boost its own intellectual heritage. We have been investing in the academic world for many years now, looking at it as a growth experience and a way to use our competencies to facilitate the dialogue between students and institutions. Communication is growth, exactly like we did with UNIVPM project.


Visual arts

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  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: Graphic Design; Advertising; Communication; Marketing; Copywriting; Editing; Video; Photography; Web Design.

Non Institutional new Innovation Agents

  • - Other similar entity: Communication Agency

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