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services: ONYRIQ possesses a strong know-how in polymeric materials, widely present in various industries and technologies such as 3d printing, health and prosthetics, paints and coatings, food, agriculture or chemical industry. Being based in this knowledge, our aim is to help to bring to market new products and technologies. We offer services of advice, consultancy, technology forecasting, and development of R&D projects for the improvement and adaptation of your products, so that they can meet the new requirements and features of the market or the criteria of new regulations in matters of environment, chemical security and others. Minimize risks with our dynamic and disruptive working method, adapted 100% to the specific needs of your company: we meet with you, analyze your business, capabilities and situation. Then we propose a project divided into phases according to the objectives you need and we get to work with you. We will accompany you until your product obtains the desired characteristics and reaches the market phase. All this is possible thanks to our team of experts who have more than ten years of experience in the field of polymeric materials, our fully equipped laboratories located in Barcelona and our network of specialized partners who collaborate with us.

previous experience: Our team has extensive experience working in collaborative R&D projects, consultancy and advice. We have developed projects of different kind that encompass both market and technical studies of available materials in the industry, and the tailored R&D of materials, formulations and processes specifically to adapt the products of our clients. In all of them we work taking into account the needs and capabilities of our clients, so that once the object of the project has been reached, the changes and/or adaptations necessary to market your final product are as fast and simple as possible. The objective is always that your innovation enters the market by minimizing the risks. Some specific examples are: -Development of an eco process, solvent-free, for the manufacture of adhesives that can replace the current less sustainable process with acetone solvent. -Improvement of the antimicrobial efficacy of biocides for laundry through the control of their adsorption in textiles. -Development of a urinary catheter with improved long-term antibacterial properties. -Technical and market study of alternative components to increase the disinfecting action of biocides in laundry at low concentrations. -Development of hydro and oleophobic coatings without hazardous fluorinated compounds as a more sustainable alternative for current solutions. -Adaptation of thermoplastic polyurethanes to powder format applicable to 3d printing.


University, Technological Research Centre, other Research Organization

  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: ONYRIQ is a startup company specialized in R&D, consultancy and advice in polymer materials, that develops studies of improvement and adaptation of materials to obtain new performances, sustainable products or to fulfil chemical safety regulations. We help other companies to adapt their products and processes to the new requirements of the market and to the demanding regulations.

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