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The company at glance

services: The Pole Eco Design is a responsible design agency wich imagines and design innovative solutions in project engineering, space planning, equipment, product development, etc. Creativity, environmental responsibility and direct involvement of users are at the heart of its design. The achievements of the Eco Design Pole are based on the effective involvement of the beneficiaries. They are integrated directly into the creative process as experts of their own uses and needs. This participation is reflected in the co-construction of the usage scenario, the technical co-implementation, the transfer of experience, etc. For the Eco Design Pole and its sponsor, this logic of "empowerment" is a guarantee of the relevance of the response, of adhesion, of adequacy between the designed project and its public. The creations of the Eco Design Pole take into account the entire life cycle of a product or service to limit their environmental impact. Energy sobriety, natural materials, multifunctionality, reuse, recycling, biomimicry, circular economy, relocation of actors, economy of functionality are an integral part of the design proposed by the agency. In this logic, the Eco Design Pole has specially developed an impact calculation software.

previous experience: Ecodesign accompaniment of the Lyric Art Festival of Aix-en-Provence Since 2014, the Eco Design Pole has been supporting the Aix Festival as well as the Operas and Theaters in France in the field of ecodesign decoration. This pilot initiative, supported by ADEME and the PACA Region, aims to support professionals in these performing arts sectors in transforming practices and methods to reduce the environmental impact of production and to optimize costs. By combining design, eco-design know-how, and participatory animation methods, the agency: - conducts research and technical development: new methods for assembling decorative elements, testing ecological or end-of-life materials, etc. - organizes awareness sessions for professionals in the design, manufacture, set-up / dismantling of sets (heads of sets, show technicians) CUBE HOTEL In 2016, two Marseille entrepreneurs want to develop a new hotel concept around rooms that would be set up in unoccupied spaces in city centers: old open spaces, commercial premises, warehouses, etc. They use the Pole Eco Design to imagine a room of 9m2 that offers a new experience: healthy and natural materials, ergonomic comfort and home automation, customizable atmosphere, etc. Basile: modular furniture range Recycled plastic circular studs, of varying heights and shapes, and thick wood planks come together to form unexpected, original modules, each of which will be able to appropriate the use: fun course for children, small friendly space, large step or agora, or even Free Running course, the KIT Basile allows a very wide scope of realization. Photovoltaic mixer DJ Nassim wants to relay the themes of sustainable development and renewable energies by giving them a more "fun" image, associated with his music. After a first project with the Pole Eco Design in 2012 on a photovoltaic system, he wants to develop a second compact and modular model to facilitate the transport and assembly of the control room during services.


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