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The company at glance

services: We offer our services in the field of Design and publishing, paying all attention to our customers, product quality and the most attractive presentation in the market. Today the range of products we offer is broader, more qualitative, more varied and personalized for every type of application. Our graphic projects are completed throughout their cycle. Our Design Team, specialized in product packaging creates high quality product designs for several of our clients/ brands: conceptualize and create designs for a variety of products. We Provide rough sketches to demonstrate ideas and concepts to our clients.

previous experience: Our company has a very long experience in providing services working with numerous products for private clients such as other companies and agencies as well as public institutions. We have built up a reputation for creating beautiful, innovating and successful brands. We offer our clients the complete package: not just labels, but strategy, gifting, trade show design etc. Our design team is dedicated to building, refreshing and reinventing the brands. We are committed to bringing the brand's vision to life and building consumer loyalty. Publishing Books, Brochures & Catalogs For two decades, we are at the side of the authors of books. We share ideas with authors, make professional design, graphically process text, images and cover. Quality printing and durable bonding guarantee a perfect seal. Personalized fit for print designed products For fairs, meetings, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, we have created a tradition. We can offer ideas and prepare you for a package of materials needed for different events such as: folders, blocks for each participant, bulletin with reference materials, postcards and certificates for the participants. Our company provides the clients with Market studies during our projects with them, as we investigate issues that have an impact, like quality, safety, sustainability, prices and information, as well as consumer understanding, behavior and decision making. This way we make sure that in the product being launched succeeds.


Books and Press

  • - Book Publishing
  • - Publishing of Newspapers

Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities
  • - Artistic creation

Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Motion picture projection activities

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