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services: I provide highly personalised architectural services to clients and I am involved in all stages of each project - underscored by solid working relationships with consultants and builders. Projects encompass new houses, additions and alterations to existing houses, and boutique retail, restaurant and workplace environments, but also i view identity design as problem solving, and I love a challenge. The end result needs to contribute to your business success, not merely beautify the universe. I like distilling complex ideas into clear visuals. In my approach, sustainable design integrates with the aesthetic ideal, in a dialectical relationship that leads to the design of buildings and objects of high structural and aesthetic quality. Architectural projects draw inspiration from the natural, social and cultural characteristics of the places where one is used to live. A "human-scale" method capable of satisfying the social, economic and cultural needs of individuals, thus allowing the creation of comfortable and stimulating environments. My goal is to identify a strategy involving planning, composition and materials, capable of introducing dense insertions into the landscape, successfully imparting new “energy” to the context in which we are working, “energy” which is consistent with the often unexpressed potential of the setting as a whole.

previous experience: Thanks to the collaboration with different Design Offices from 2005I have developed the specific skills that allow me to approach design process through appropriate technology, from sketch to graphic communications and executive project. During the course of my professional activity I have successfully participated in numerous international competitions, including -International competition “Concours de projet d’architecture a deux degres en procedure ouverte ”. Promoter: “Department des Constructions et de l’amènagment”, Ville de Geneve Theme: Implementation of the new Theatre of Geneva. [April 2009] -International competition "Concurso Internacional Público, Museu de Ciencias Explorator" Promoter: Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP. Theme: Implementation of the new Museum of Science Explorator of Campinas. [March 2009] -International competition "The Art Fund Pavilion. " Promoter: Tent London and The Lightbox. Theme: Development of a semi-temporary pavilion, removable and innovative event in London Design Festival 2009. [February 2009] -International competition "Design For The Children Competition". Promoter: "Fight for the Children", "Architecture for Humanity. " Theme: Design of a pediatric clinic in East Africa. [December 2008] -International competition "Some Like Campus.” Promoter: University of Rome "La Sapienza ". Theme: Designing housing for 400 students, divided into two buildings in the centrality of Pietralata, Rome. [November 2007] -International competition "Between architecture and city - special edition: design" Promoter: University of Florence “UniFI” with the collaboration of “Il CicloneL.A.”. Theme: Designing an object's light has formal requirements and design features to enhance and qualify the contemporary urban space. [December 2006]



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  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: I am an Italian Architect, graduated cum laude in Architecture U.E. at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia"in July 2008. After graduation I worked in several areas both nationally and internationally, in collaboration with the “University of Applied Sciences-Stuttgart Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart " for a project on "Renovation and Development of the Oratory of S. Rocco" and with the University Autonoma of Lisbon "DA / UAL" for a workshop "Infrastructure and the City", published in the journal "Arq. / a" n.50, 2007, and in the book "Marginal 8º SIA ", Ediçao DA/UAL, CEACT/UAL 2008. Since 2015 I am a member of the IN / ARCH association of the Marche region, actively taking care of the graphics and contents of the website, the newsletter and social networks -

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