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The company at glance

services: Marchingegno was created in 2003 to address the increasing need to enhance and promote the cultural and environmental heritage and tourism resources as drivers of economic and social development of the territory. Our job is to know how to read and interpret the territory and to return a new expressiveness to its system of values and its history, combining knowledge, scientific and creativity to build new development opportunities. Marchingegno can count on the experience of its members, gained in architecture, urban planning, enhancement and management of cultural heritage and communication. Our services: - projects for the creation, evaluation, promotion and monitoring of cultural districts - mapping, benchmarking and rating of cultural, environmental and tourist systems - market research, with analysis of supply and demand in the field of culture and tourism - projects thematic itineraries for the system development of cultural, environmental, products, gastronomic and anthropological resources - participatory processes and negotiated planning of plans and projects with the stake-holders and local communities - promotion and communications plans, strategic and operational - design and content management for the use of multimedia in cultural, museum and exhibition - planning and organization of conferences, workshops and summer schools on issues related to culture and territory

previous experience: “MetePicene" Project Organization and management of new forms of experiential tourism for the Piceno Museum System, starting from the cultural, landscape and manufacturing resources of the territory. Strategic Local Development Project of Petriolo (MC) Design and implementation of a participatory planning process with local stakeholders for the definition of a local development strategy for a sustainable tourism linked to weel-being. Project "NE.MO NEO ARTIGIANATO ALLA MOLE" (Neo-crafstmanship) Design and implementation of a participatory design process with local stakeholders for the definition of the executive plan of the project "Ne.Mo" dedicated to the development of new forms of entrepreneurship related to new crafts and arts at the Mole Vanvitelliana. This includes space preparation, communication and monitoring of results. Project "Experiential Gate: The Marche in 7D - Sensory trips to promote tourism in the Marche region at the center of the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion". Collaboration in the drafting of the project for the presentation phase of the call for proposals POR FESR MARCHE 2014-2017 - OS 8 - ACTION 8.1 "Support to innovation and aggregation in sectors of cultural and creative SMEs, manufacturing and tourism in order to improve international competitiveness and employment" - 2nd place and eligible for funding Project "Evolved Cultural District of Fermo" – Evolved Cultural District of Marche Drafting, coordination and management during the start-up phase of Axis 3 of the project, "Colori Naturali delle Marche" (Natural Colours of the Marches), concerning the recovery of the ancient vegetable colours of the Marches in the local manufacturing, fashion and design sectors, based on the Marche Region's call for funding for the Distretto Culturale Evoluto (Evolved Cultural District). Project "Valley of creativity" – Evolved Cultural District of Marche Collaboration in the drafting of the project aimed at enhancing the value of manufacturing economies and tourism in the area of the Esino Valley, based on the call for funding of the Marche Region for the Cultural District Evolved Project “THERMALIS: enhancing local endogenous human and natural resources, through cooperation, for the development of a thermal tourism” Drafting of specialist studies and development plans for the enhancement of the thermal heritage in the Euro Adriatic Region through actions aimed at increasing thermal tourism in the whole area.


Cultural Heritage

  • - Museums activities
  • - Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions
  • - Cultural education

Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities
  • - Photographic activities

Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
  • - Motion picture, video and television programme postproduction activities


  • – Architectural activities

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