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services: At Vianeo®, we are uncertainty and exploration experts, that will give you the means to find the value of your projects. When starting an innovation program, teams might be frightened by the impression they do not really master the environment and the path to achieve the final goal. Accepting that uncertainty is an opportunity to generate new ideas and innovation, is the key knowledge we are going to share with you. Rather than explaining and making for your company as most consultants do, we will teach you how to drive your projects from having a simple idea or an invention into a structured offer to reach valuable customers. Our team accompany you in your innovation and transformation challenges. Why choosing Vianeo® At Vianeo®, we have designed a systemic methodology based on ISMA360® method and inspired or relying on effectuation theory, design thinking and lean start up. Thanks to our unique methodology operated with the support of the Vianeo Expert Consultant and Vianeo digital platform, we teach project owners the means to identify the value of their idea and to design the most relevant strategy to access market. Creative ideas and inventions can become innovation when they meet unsatisfied needs and wants. During the program, your team will learn to adopt a different posture, the first one being focus on the project during Legitimacy, Feasibility and Viability phases and centered on outside stakeholders during Desirability, Acceptability phases.

previous experience: Experiences With more than 10 years of permanent improvement thanks to thousands of supported companies, we can provide you both knowledge, know-how and pragmatic support to guide your company through the exploration path of innovation. Vianeo regularly accompanies all types of innovative projects from idea to the market, whatever the economic sectors and the maturity of the project. Our references Large companies: GE Healthcare, Valeo, Renault, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, Vinci, TechnipFMC, Eiffage, Medtronic, BMW, IFPEN, Saint-Gobain,… SME and Start ups: Yesitis, Hygeex, AngaTeamBuilding, Hardis, HTS-Doremi, Tech Systèmes, … Research laboratories and universities: Université Paris Saclay, INRA, INRIA, AST Innovations, UTC Compiègne,… Incubators and clusters: SEMIA (Strasbourg), Angers Technopôle, Incubateur PACA Est, Incubateur Descartes (Paris), AD’OCC (Montpellier, Toulouse), I-Trans, Moveo,… Our team Both our senior consultants will not replace your team but they will coach it in order to come up with a structured business case with strong justification and arguments to convince stakeholders (investors, customers, partners…). At each steps they will help you to challenge your ideas and perspective with the reality of outside stakeholders. As innovation means uncertainty, only by facing claimants you can reach the reality of a potential market. Pascaline Thiébaut has had a long experience in B2C with consumer products, product line management and marketing activities prior to joining Vianeo and embracing the job of consultant and Training Director. Patrick Sure has developed his career in the high-tech industry mastering B2B marketing, working in large group as well as SME. He completes his industrial background with 5-year experience in consulting mainly in relation with startups.


Non Institutional new Innovation Agents

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