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The company at glance

services: Augmented Reality AR (augmented reality) is a mixture of several technologies that enable the user to mix virtually generated content with real world content directly in his sight. The basic characteristics that define augmented reality are: a combination of real and virtual objects in real environment, interaction and real time action as well as registration and syncing real and virtual objects that are somehow related. Virtual Reality VR (virtual reality) is the use of computer modelling and simulation that enables the user to get interacted with his artificial 3D surroundings. The application of virtual reality gives the user the opportunity to dive into a computerized surrounding that simulates the reality through the use of interactive devices that send and receive information and are being worn like glasses, earphones ,gloves or suits. In its ususal VR format, the user that wears a helmet with a stetoscope display sees animated images of his simulated surrounding

previous experience: Spectre is a startup company founded in 2016 that deals with the development of mobile applications, but focuses on developing augmented and mixed reality. Augmented reality (AR) is a technological innovation in which the world the user sees expanded with computer-generated content such as sound, images or digital characters. Applications developed using AR technology give the user experience in which they interactively interact with the surrounding real world. Additionally, the user digitally controls access to certain information available to him. The widespread reality is activated by detecting the visual target, and for the use of extended reality a smart device is required. Technology that is now part of the projects in architecture, video games and medicine has found its application in this project in tourism. In 2016, Spectre started its application for a competition for the EU Fund for Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. SME Innovations, and then in 2017 received funding for the project for Croatia for All - Croatia for everyone. The overall goal of this project is to strengthen technological solutions that will help people with disabilities to bridging everyday obstacles and lead them to better assimilation in the social environment in which they move and live. The goal of technological innovations realized through this project over the 18-month project period starting on September 14, 2017 will be at the focus of Spectre, which will open at least two new jobs in the given period. The project includes the development of iOS and Android operating system applications with expanded reality components and 360 virtual walks, and is tailored to people with visual and hearing impairments. The project also develops an application for the holographic computer Microsoft HoloLens, which is also one of the first applications development of this type in Croatia. This access to the user enables projection of image and content from the expanded reality on the glasses display. It is thus possible to realize the perception of the world that the user sees and the space in which he is in parallel with the projection of the transparent image on the spectacle display. By meeting the requirements of all created documentation, Spectre found itself among the projects approved for co-financing from the EU funds, namely the Fund Competitiveness and Cohesion Fund 2014-2020 in the group: Innovation of MSP. In this financial period, a total of 1,169,673.20 HRK will be invested, out of which the grant amount is 1,032,851.88 HRK.


Visual arts

  • - Photographic activities

Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Publishing of computer games
  • - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
  • - Motion picture, video and television programme postproduction activities
  • - Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities
  • - Motion picture projection activities
  • – Sound recording and music publishing activities
  • - Radio Broadcasting
  • – Television programming and broadcasting activities
  • - Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialized stores
  • – Renting of video tapes and discs


  • – Advertising Agencies

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