Art About eCommerce Agency (Zafeiriou Athanasios)

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The company at glance

services: ArtAbout is an eCommerce agency in Thessaloniki, Greece providing integrated solutions for e-shop and website development, corporate identity design, and promotion across digital marketing channels. Main services: 1. Magento eshops: It offers advanced eshop solutions such as UX/UI design, custom extensions, speed optimization and integrations with ERPs and vendor warehouses 2. Website Development: It develops reliable and flexible websites that can be constantly updated and tailored to customer needs. It also provides training and support services. 3. Logo & Graphic Design It shapes company branding (logo design, company prints, packaging design) and provides daily graphical support to customers that need newsletter creation, as well as banner and digital marketing graphics. 4. Digital Marketing: It boosts eshop/website presence across digital marketing channels: - Google Ads (Search & Remarketing) - Social Media advertising - Email marketing - Copywriting - Analytics & Performance Tracking. 5.Web & Cloud Hosting: It offers reliable and fast hosting services for websites and emails in a modern European data center with high standards and latest generation server with daily backup and fast support.

previous experience: Founded as a sole proprietorship in 2007, ArtAbout managed to develop substantially and enlarge its customer base by creating a large portfolio of successful projects and building a strong brand name in the region. It currently has a team of twelve people working full time on a large number of projects. The team comprises of eight web developers (6 senior and 2 interns), one graphic designer, one digital marketing manager, one business development expert and the managing director of the company who acts both as a project manager and as an art director. ArtAbout also cooperates with other professionals such as copywriters, photographers and video animators in a constant basis. Since 2007 it has completed more than 300 projects including websites, eshops and custom applications (i.e platforms, mobile applications and so on), and has also developed websites and project related dissemination materials for several associations and EU projects. It has experience in working with multicultural teams as its clients are located in various parts of Europe. ArtAbout also undertakes the whole process of the company branding from logo design and company prints and It provides daily graphical support to customers by creating newsletters, banners and digital marketing content. It also specializes in digital promotion and has a digital marketing department boosting website presence across digital marketing channels. In addition, although a software company at its core, ArtAbout's team comprises of people that are also very active in education and training in various areas (such as Marketing, Human Resource Management and Organizational Psychology), as well as people with experience in managing EU projects.


Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities
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Audiovisual and multimedia

  • - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities


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