department/unit: Design, visualisation graphique, développement de solutions numériques & services autour de la 3d.


The company at glance

services: APINGO’s Services Based in Marseilles, APINGO DESIGN company was founded in 2016 and is the culmination of more than 13 years of freelance activity in 3D web. APINGO DESIGN is a multidisciplinary team of designers and developers, welded and responsive, for whom the human aspect of the professional relationship is crucial. APINGO DESIGN offers services merging asset management database driven Web(applications) systems, with 3d/design visualisation solutions. Ou principal activity is 3D modelisation and rendering, Webapp development and design for communication. We work for Engineer's offices, Expert geometers, Architects, Designers, communication agencies and for several small or medium Businesses. Our experience on 3d allow us to scenarize and enhance any technical 3d data in a communicative and attractive way. Our expertise in providing end to end dematerialised solutions enables us to deploy finely tuned systems adapted to each project. We also can design and make 3d printed models, for industrial design, inventors, marketers or makers. We also have connexions with education. Since more than 13 years we give 3d infographics, project drive train and design sketching courses in design schools located in Marseilles.

previous experience: Maritima / Similar experiences in digital We developed several web based solutions around portuary activities for vehicles and/or containers transportations, in various location : Marseilles Le Havre, Bastia, St Denis la réunion ... We worked for a company specialized in the sector of vehicles and cargo logistics. With more than 200 000 vehicles every year, our tool allow inspections, surveys and claims management from multimodal logistics (maritime, railroad and road). This is a SAAS (software as a service) connected to an app deployed on android devices. We also worked on containers and trucks check-in entrance in portuary areas. Deploying all-in one video system we offered our clients a web based solution to visually check eventual existing previous damage on merchandises they had to take in charge. For more than ten years we’ve had a partnership with a geometer expertise company. We provide them a set of tools to allow them to integrate, explore and store their autocad drawings for automated calculations, asset management services, security or other. Our system is used for bank agencies, healthcare, insurance or energy providing groups. For 3d and real time mesh visualisation we worked on various plugins for websites like e-shop solutions integrating product configurator. We provided user interface allow customers to interact and customize product before they buy it. We also have a long experience in real-estate commercial 3d visualisation, luxury or not.


Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities

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