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services: 3D Research is a Spin-Off Company of the University of Calabria. It has considerable experience in the field of CGI, Virtual and Augmented Reality applied to the Cultural Heritage. In particular, the company develops systems and technologies for 3D digitalization of Cultural Heritage both for terrestrial and underwater applications. The digital models, together with other cultural and creative contents (texts, audios, videos), can be used to enhance the visitors’ experience both in-situ (i.e. helping a diver during the exploration of an underwater archaeological site or a tourist during the visit to a museum) and ex-situ, to promote CH destinations and revitalize tourism attractions. Since 2008, 3D Research has offered many services for galleries, museums and other organizations (3D reconstructions of more than 400 finds belonging to Italian and European museums, 3D reconstructions of archaeological sites, both terrestrial and underwater, 3D modeling, digital storytelling, etc.). During the last years, the company has developed interactive exhibits for various museums, by using innovative solutions such as mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, serious games and digital storytelling to encourage visitors’ engagement.

previous experience: • i-MARE CULTURE - Horizon 2020. Call: H2020-SC6-CULT-COOP-2016-2017: The main goal of the i-MareCulture research project is to re-establish the links connecting Mediterranean countries with each other, promoting a shared sense of European identity by making underwater archaeological heritage more accessible, and by protecting an outstanding symbol of the cultural exchanges and trades that have always been present in the Mare Nostrum. This goal is achieved by making underwater heritage accessible to the general public through the use of interactive technologies, virtual reality, augmented underwater reality and serious games designed by scientists, researchers, archaeologists, and museum experts coming from 8 Mediterranean countries. The core activity of 3D Research is the development of underwater augmented reality systems. • VISAS – PON-Startup Piano d'Azione e Coesione PAC02L2-00040: VISAS is a collaborative research project, aimed at the responsible and sustainable management of underwater archaeological sites. This goal is achieved through the development of an integrated package of services aimed, on the one hand, to improve the experience of scuba divers and, on the other, to stimulate the induced tourist activity through an innovative virtual tour of the site. The technologies which have been developed provide for the acquisition of optical and acoustic data sets related to the aesthetic and morphological characteristics of the marine environment. The data is subsequently integrated and processed to obtain a geo-referenced 3D model of the site. Finally, the latter is used by scuba divers for augmented reality exploration, while a virtual reality system makes the exploration accessible also to who are not able to dive. • MUSAS - PON "Cultura e Sviluppo" FESR 2014- 2020: The project aims to develop a program for the integrated exploitation of archaeological sites and museums that contain underwater finds, through the adoption of innovative technological solutions. In particular, the project provides for the 3D digitalization of 120 archaeological finds preserved in the museums of Crotone, Baia, Egnazia, and Manfredonia, as well as the 3D reconstruction of some areas of the respective submerged sites, completed with 3D hypothetical models aimed to reproduce its original structure. The resulting models will be used to create interactive museum paths, which can be explored through virtual reality platforms, including immersive installations, to be employed for teaching activities and digital archiving.


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  • - Publishing of computer games

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