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The company at glance

services: I am a long experienced professional and have been working as a consultant for various companies, organizations and individuals for more than a decade now. I have worked on various projects related to Graphic Design, Multimedia (audio & video), marketing services, newsletter creation and publishing, event organizing etc. In 2012 I co-founded Open Labs hackerspace in Albania and started co-organizing Open Source Conference Albania, Wiki Weekend, Wiki Loves Monuments, CryptoParty Tirana, CopyFest and other initiatives related to free open source culture. In the last few years this I have been providing consultancy services while working on projects related to free open source software & hardware, open data, online privacy, open geoinformation and the digital public domain. Through collaboration with other high skilled individuals in specific fields I have been able to successfully deliver various projects. The specific services that I can provide in the scope of this project are: Advertising, Audiovisual and multimedia production (such as podcasts), and services related to Library and archives activities.

previous experience: In the context activities related to the launch and promotion of the Youth Employment Program from United Nations Development Program I was awarded a contract with the goal of developing and managing all the aspects of online communication of the program. The overall goal(s) of the included four main pillars (a) managing the online application for all the participants that wanted to apply to be part of the program, (b) developing of (means 'skills' in Albanian) website and blog section, (c) production and distribution of the Youth Employment Program podcast and (d) development, design and send out of the newsletter. During my engagement with the project I managed to successfully implement all the different elements of the awarded contract with quite positive reviews for the podcast production, an element that was considered quite innovative and one of the first such efforts in Albania. Successful young entrepreneurs that had developed their business where interviewed and shared their stories through the podcast and the blog posts and of course inspired their peers. For the implementation of the project I worked on the design, the technical aspect of the website and the podcast and also the overall coordination between the involved parties in the process.


Cultural Heritage

  • - Cultural education


  • - Library and archives activities

Visual arts

  • - Specialised design activities


  • – Advertising Agencies

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