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services: The services offered by MEET are always focused on creativity and unfold along 4 multi-disciplinary project lines: 1.Contents, to provide a library of content that promotes digital culture and creativity (digital archives, modern publications and devices, original content). It is also a creative laboratory testing new languages and offering multimedia products and innovative formats and services. 2. Research and Innovation, to provide theoretical research that pushes the boundaries of innovation and assists companies adapt to upcoming changes and trends. 3. Education, to provide unique training programs on digital literacy and creativity. 4. Showcase platform that inherits the production of Meet the Media Guru after 2005 and promote exhibitions, conferences and shows. MEET offers tailored coaching to companies that need to innovate processes/products/services, bringing creative approaches and methodologies aimed at: - tracking later and future trends, identifying emerging digital services also coming from synergies between arts and technologies; - scouting innovative business ideas; - boosting soft skills such as creativity and critical thinking; - implementing co-creation activities through design thinking and art-related transformation. - networking with the main European Centers of digital culture and creativity to share ideas and trends. The coaching is carried out by MEET internal staff with the involvement of artists/designers and international experts

previous experience: MEET implements innovative projects with companies and young talents, supporting teams in the innovation/creativity processes, activating synergies between arts and technologies, also through collaborative activities by means of innovative formats, among which: 1)Meet the Media Guru Executive and Meet the Media Guru Focus Two MtMG satellite and autonomous formats to share innovative ideas, processes and methodologies coming from synergies between arts and technologies. MtMG Executive aims to connect professionals or companies with an international guest during an invitation only gathering. MtMG Focus is dedicated to a specific topic or field, also tailored on companies’ needs. Some recent activities: 2) Co-creation events A co-creation innovative methodology (charrette) has been designed and implemented – in partnership with the George Brown College of Toronto - Institute without Boundaries - involving the Quintuple Helix key actors, to launch a project platform, participative and international, in order to generate ideas, projects and policies. A charrette is a collaborative and creative process –that bring together designers, key stakeholders, and other professionals to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Over an intensive period of brainstorming, discussion and expert consultation, multidisciplinary teams create a broad range of ideas around a central theme. An example of charrette is “Future ways of living “- an original Meet format made of a set of MtMG events with a design thinking experience to find innovative solutions for future ways of living through a collaborative and transdisciplinary design process 3) Cross-fertilization Lab The lab shall be considered as a process whose objective is to bring digital creativity approaches into companies and institutions, to boost innovation and dynamics for a sustainable innovation and business development. The lab is developed through various stages, with the aim to allow a cross-fertilization between digital creatives (artists, designers) and companies to bring innovation and boost innovative and sustainable products/services/processes. 4) Nice to meet you Young talents working with the creative digital languages have the opportunity to present their interactive installations, site specific performances, virtual spaces and every other experimental and innovative digital experience in front of a large, attentive and receptive public.


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