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services: the company operates in the Cultural Heritage sector, as a Global Service and performs its expertise in many different ways. It is qualified in archeological dig and restouration as (historical buildings, frescoes and sculptures). Furthermore it organizes, conferences, seminars and also specializes in design and implement temporary exhibitions and touristic tours in archaeological sites and museums. Organizes, for the schools, educational courses of archeology, ancient history, medieval history, ancient toponomastic, historical analysis of the territory and educational trips to archaeological sites and museums. It organizes training courses and internships on Cultural Heritage for public bodies and private companies (also in cooperation with universities). It organizes and manages museum structures and also promotes, scientific conventions. It is a publisher mainly for historical, archaeological and artistic books (studies, guides and exhibition catalogs) both as an editor and on behalf of private clients or public bodies. In addition, it is produces scientific documentaries for the television,.the qualified team have multidisciplinary specialists and the the appropriate equipment for the good execution of the orders the company operates both in Italy and abroad. the company has a a design team for European calls with experience in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro

previous experience: Since 1999 the SACIARKEO– Servizi Archeologici del Centro Italia srl Has been working in the field of Heritage throughout Italy and abroad , initially it was concentrated in the archaeological excavations, where over the years it has carried out hundreds of digs even in very important sites such as: the Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome, the medieval site of CastelTorsino in Ascoli Piceno. subsequently it has expanded its activity in the restoration, from any type of archaeological finds during the fild work, throug the architectonic restoretion of the archeological site to arrive to the historical monumental buildings as the Museum of the Ceramics of Montelupo fiorentino near Florence and the conservatory of Parma. The purpose of the archaeological excavation and restoration is however the disclosure of the information that is discovered and maintained, is for this that SACIARKEO has expanded its specialization in the narration of scientific contexts with different types of medium. through exhibitions, temporary exhibitions and teaching in schools or guided tours for tourists.Sublimating this concept in a publishing house that produces books, such as the Etruscan language manual adopted by the University of Siena, and documentaries such as the one on the 70 years of Albanian archeology for the archaeological institute of Tirana. - Now it is a Global service society and offering a wide range of services including all the Musealizzation service and 3d ricostruction. Now we work in Albanian for the Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) project “HERITAGE FIRST AID (HEFA): cultural tourism in support of Heritage Conservation” (Ref. No. 1206.003-17) : where in the National Archaeological Museum of Tirana owns an impressive amount of archaeological finds of great interest, which have not been restored in the last decades and, at the moment, are not even exhibited to the public. Due to possible deterioration, if these finds are not promptly safeguarded they will be increasingly damaged by the course of time, and they will never be made available to the public. This represents both an enormous loss at an historical-cultural level, and a loss of touristic opportunity for Albania. The Heritage First Aid (HEFA) project aspires to transmit to the local staff of Tirana the best techniques to preserve the finds stored in the museum, which are now in state of neglect, and, at the same time, to train the museum personnel on how to best manage the museum by developing new touristic management models. The renovated finds could be finally shown, the touristic offer would be better managed, and, as an overall result, the visitors flow will most probably increase. The final outcome we aim for is the creation of a virtuous cycle, where parts of the funds earned by tourism will be used in turn for the conservation and the management of the museum. Tourism and conservation, said differently, will support each other.


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