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services: Marha Conseil comes from a long experience mainly in the maritime sector and a job of co-construction of the dynamics of the circular economy, in order to accelerate the ecological transition, because our planet has no other choice to move to a world respectful of the environment and thus be able to reconcile economy and ecology. Thus we support innovative projects (products or services) who protect the environment. We check the viability of the project (study of the technical realization, industrialization, market ...), we put them in link with the good partners (institutions, financial elected) and we open to them our network of companies which we help on the environmental strategy. We then help the pairs of innovative companies and entreprises in the transition to the new model business, the training of decision makers and their employees.

previous experience: Among the projects Marha Conseil accompanied we can mention a project on the circular economie work, led by a start up who wanted to fight against waste and waste reduction (water, air, energy, food, consumption), to protect the environnement. This project was innovative because it gave consumers (general public) the opportunity to find within a single structure (single window) tools to inform oneself in order to produce and consume while respecting the environment. For this we have studied the feasibility, the market timeliness, the business model and we have opened our network to make matchmaking between the partners useful to the project. We have implemented and developed digital tools (collaborative internet platform, application). We also offered visibility to this innovation (media, trade shows, conferences...) in order to raise public awareness of sustainable development.


Non Institutional new Innovation Agents

  • - Other similar entity: Marha Conseil supports the sustainable development strategy of companies with the tools of circular economy.

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