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services: FabLab Parma offers opportunities and services not only for individuals but also for companies, start-ups, schools, universities, associations and non-profit organizations: »Utilization - on your own or assisted by an operator - of machinery and technological equipment »Business and no-profit consulting »Research & Development (product innovation, prototyping, beta-testing, etc.) » Training »Self-production and assembly of opensource modular products »Team building & Innovation »Product co-design »Innovative teaching »Projects of social utility

previous experience: 1. Heritage Lab, Digital Manufacturing Laboratory HeritageLab is the new digital fabrication laboratory for cultural heritage. The goal is to train professionals experienced in the use of new digital technologies applicable to the field of diagnostics, restoration and restoration of Cultural Heritage (students, restorers, archaeologists, architects, interested parties) organized by the ON / OFF Association in collaboration with 3D Archeolab. 2. Hackability@Parma: Hackability is a methodology conceived and applied for the first time in Turin in 2015, to experiment a co-design environment in which makers, designers, people with disabilities or special needs, can get to know each other and work together, through the use of technologies rapid prototyping, 3D printers, open source electronics and anything else that can help identify new, customized solutions that can meet the needs of people with disabilities in everyday life, producing social inclusion and participation. The Hackability@Parma group was born in collaboration at national level with the Hackability network and and is located in the FabLab Parma, the first digital manufacturing laboratory in Parma. A. HACKABILITYLAB ? AbilityDress: design laboratory, design and production of clothing exclusively developed for the well-being, style and taste of the need. Where possible, solutions will be designed with wearable IOT devices. ? LisLab: digital fabrication workshops aimed at subjects communicating through sign language; in these laboratories the learning of new processing technologies is experimented through the modulation of the visual-gestural channel. ? HandMe: construction laboratories with disabilities for any device useful for a specific or useless need in the service but applied to skills training. B. HACKABILITY4TOURISM Through the Hackability4Tourism project, we want to experience an innovative process of engagement. By establishing dynamic relations with the Parma area at all levels (entrepreneurial, municipal, associative, artisanal), the world of innovation and disability, we will aim to unite young designers, makers, designers, stakeholders at a single work table and co - design, together with people with disabilities, new solutions, low cost and based on direct experience, able to improve the usability and accessibility of tourist places and services. 3. Parmi. As part of the THINKBIG call (the call for project ideas launched by the Cariparma Foundation and LUdE, the Free University of Education), development and design of the platform / app. PARMI 'an Experiences Builder for Urban and Social Development of Parma and its Territory, conducted through game techniques, to transform the actions that are commonly lived in a context of tourism or often casual discovery of places, in actions that happen voluntarily to enjoy it.


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