Gregor Mihaljevic

department/unit: Gregor Mihaljevi?; GREM(my own company);; TerraHub(member)


The company at glance

services: Concept/idea co-creation and development (bringing design thinking, lean and agile methodologies in to the innovation/creation processes) Strategic marketing advisory (360 marketing services, covering advisory services for all offline and online media channels and content production) Strategic business development (specialised in cross sectoral quadruple helix approach and partnerships) Fundraising (crowdfunding, grants, vc/pe)

previous experience: I previously worked in advertising, covering all aspects from content creation to strategic media planning and buying. My biggest achievement in the advertising industry were managing promotional activities of Croatian National Tourist Board over 9 markets, starting a guerrilla advertising boutique agency when I was still in university, producing content for clients like Boots(UK), TTG(US) and similar. In the area of arts I started up a project called "Some other new year" which featured artwork from 24 Croatian and Serbian artists and exhibitions in Zagreb, Belgrade and Berlin. I started up, together with ZEZ (green energy cooperative) a first functional crowd-lending platform for financing renewable energy projects in Croatia and have helped mentor several other crowdfunding campaigns/projects. In 2018 I co-created, as a member of Terra Hub, an innovation challenge/hackathon called "Adriatic Plastic Challenge". I worked as a consultant, mentor or an advisor in several crowd innovation projects for clients like UNDP or GIZ, EIT or StartupLive.


University, Technological Research Centre, other Research Organization

  • Cultural Creative Sector Abilities: I am an individual (have a company as well) with a diverse experience ranging from the IT/startup industry, marketing and advertising, video production, art management, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and other innovative and development activities. I am able to help existing companies become more socially and environmentally positive and am interested in helping new innovative ideas and projects come to life - especially those that have a strong connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Non Institutional new Innovation Agents

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