SKALO S.p.a.

size: medium

start date: 1996-02-19

legal status: S.P.A.

VAT: 00394360424


The company at glance

profile: The history of our company in the sector of shrimps dates back to the 70's. The way we handle our business, rooted on the uncompromised high quality of the product, the deep knowledge of it, the professional profile of our staff and the partnership with many suppliers, has been the key to make our company one of the first in the scenario of frozen seafood. SKALO guarantees the traceability and the lot tracking of its products all along the chain of delivery. The label placed on every product , pursuant to EU directive 2000/13/CE, declares and certifies its origin and healtiness and is an undisputable form of guarantee for the consumers. SKALO is certified by the International Food Standard IFS-IS-9440, and has also obtained the prestigious certification for the production and sale of organic shrimps Reg. CE 834/2007.

Blue growth: La Skalo S.p.a. of Osimo in the last 10 years has greatly diversified its activity: in addition to importing frozenshrimp from Ecuador, it has created, within the port area of ​​Ancona, a center for processing and trading fresh fish from local landings . In the last year he has created a fish processing and processing line for the Adriatic, creating new products and carrying out branding actions. It has encouraged the development of local fishing activities and hired new personnel in charge of processing and marketing fish and shellfish from local landings. The actions envisaged by the project will consist in the study of new semi-finished products for the catering service of the Marche Region, in particular bases will be created for traditional dishes based on Adriatic fish.

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