size: micro

start date: 2015-04-21

legal status: LIMITED SOCIETY

VAT: B55233589


The company at glance

profile: Turismon was born as an idea and already as a registered trademark in January 2008. From that moment on, it was Pol Fages Ramió, a reference partner of Turismon Travel SL. The company is constituted, it is intended to launch its first innovative proposal of Tourist Experiences in a rural environment, combining nautical activities with the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the destination of Catalonia and for a tourist development with high growth potential and with a high innovative value and which represents in itself a new paradigm in the field of marketing and promotion of tourist product. -Innovation in the creation of tourism products and services around Cultural, Nautical and Corporate Tourism. Mission : Offer unique experiences that make our customers enjoy contact with nature, local people, crafts and different activities that will help create a unique, special and unforgettable stay. Transfer all our experience and knowledge in order to contribute to the personal and professional growth of our clients. Vision :To be recognized as a company that offers innovative tourism products and services in the Inland and the Empordà-Costa Brava, in a sustainable and responsible environment, with the aim of generating a growth in the local economy, employment and visitors of the territories where the experiences are developed, contributing to the seasonal adjustment of the tourist season. Values : 1 Innovation in the processes contributing to that what is posed becomes a reality tangible 2 Creativity: We will add all the professionals to extract the creative talent 3 Welfare: Providing value proposals to our services in order to meet customer needs, contributing to the full satisfaction of customers. Orientation to the potential client, to the results and to the paradigm changes of the issuing markets. 4 Proximity: always looking for that service provider that provides authenticity, uniqueness and turn it into a more than one team. 5 Excellence and rigor: Always leading the best group of professionals and being careful with the documentary, historical and cultural rigor of the proposals put forward 6 Loyalty with suppliers and creating actions to promote it with our customers. 7 Commitment, Perseverance and Generosity: We do not want to get fast alone, if we do not want to arrive far away accompanied by the best professionals. 8 We want to generate an emotional, sensitive revolution in the creation of tourist experiences for people inno

Blue growth: The Business Activity of Turismon Travel is on the Eligible SMEs Business Activities , at the Blue Growth Sector :Coastal and Maritime Tourism and with subsector 70. Travel Agency, Tour Operator reservation service related activities. Our Main goal as a company is establisdhed a long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors through the Tourism business as a whole. Mediterranean sea and Costa Barcelona / Costa Brava will be the drivers for the Regional economy and have great potential for innovation and growth in our sector. We will create activities combining maritime services as a Port Agent and Tourist Services and around different products theme : Sailing& and discover Archeological Sites, Sailing & Gastronomy, Sailing& Local Producers , Sailing&Cultural Heritage Visits.

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