size: micro

start date: 1990-06-22

legal status: SL

VAT: ESB58896580


The company at glance

profile: Daevi’s company is a Masking Film manufacturer. Our main product is the Masking Film Quick Mask®, a roll made of Polyetilene film and crepe tape used in refinish, refit and maintenance works avoiding adjacent elements getting dirty. The main sectors are: automotive, marine, diy and industry. All works related to repair and repaint surfaces. Our customers are mainly Paint distributors which supply consumables for helping painters in their job. Also we supply to marine refit companies which use our products to protect boat and yacht surfaces during refit works. The company was established in 1990 as the first manufacturer of Masking Film in Spain, we started with 2 employees, and now we are 7. We sell our products in several countries of Europe besides Spain: Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Greece and Germany. Also in worldwide places such as Maldives. We complement our masking products with other commodities such as protective clothing, technical tapes, abrasives, polish, car/boat covers and temporary protection products. One of the most successful product is the MAXPRO, a temporary protection well accepted by marine refit companies.

Blue growth: Our business activity is manufacturing and supply masking products. All temporary protection products needed in repaint, repair and maintenance works. We manufacture some of them, and other we just resell. Since we introduce us in Marine sector, we are looking for ways to improve our products in order to adapt to regulations: fireproof or flame retardant regulations, and also investigating ways to adapt our products to a circular and sustainable economy. Especially in marine sector. We are aware that our current products are of limited reuse and recycling, so we want to commit to innovations that provide biodegradable qualities to our products.

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