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start date: 2015-06-22

legal status: Limited Liability Company

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The company at glance

profile: SailADV Srl was established in June 2015 on the main impulse of the majority shareholder Giovanni Palamà, in order to equip himself with a corporate tool to give concrete organization and development to the knowledge and the relationships matured in over 15 years of operation in the world of yachting. SailADV mainly operates in the marine sector and particularly in the Giga and Megayacht segments and her customers are the world main yacht shipyards, like Azimut Benetti, Ferretti Group, CRN, Palumbo Superyachts, Amico &Co, Baglietto, Rossinavi, Overmarine. Currently it operates with the head office in the East Coast of Italy (Pisa) and an operative office on the Adriatic Sea (Senigallia); due to the acquisition of contracts and the consequent hiring of on-site staff, considered also the strong potential expressed in terms of catchment area, a unit has been opened in Sardinia (Cagliari). SailADV has only one employee but its activity is based on a dense network of resources, currently employed as external self-employed workers, progressively able to enhance the service delivery capacity. The activity of SailADV is focused on measuring performances and marine seaworthiness of yachts with a scientific, objective and repeatable approach, and providing consulting services in the Product Quality Control area and Surveying of the processes of construction / maintenance / technical intervention of yachts. The expertise of her team guarantees the trustworthiness of the consultancy services, while the developed technology ensures the achievement of an extremely efficient real-time monitoring. The activity of SailADV focuses on two directions: · Develop acquisition systems capable of objectively characterizing the qualities of yachts, mainly functional to the testing phase of the yacht but also suitable for monitoring the entire life of the boat; · Provide a complementary service system (materials analysis, fluid analysis - oil and liquids -,3D scanning, quality control of processes, thermographic surveys) suitable for integrate and complete the phase of acquisition / characterization of yachts. The offer model is therefore characterized by systems of analysis and technologically diagnostics evolved, followed by consulting activity for the resolution of the problems encountered, in order to provide technical services to verify the compliance of yacht with the project specifications and the required quality standards.

Blue growth: SailADV deals with research applied in the field of measurement and diagnostics in the marine sector, with the aim of provide high value-added marine surveying services particularly focused on the testing phases and evaluation of yachts. The innovative character of SailADV lies in its ability to develop measurement systems and data collection able to objectively identify the yacht characteristics. The acquisition and measurement systems are mainly functional to the testing phase of the yacht, but also suitable for monitoring the entire life of the yacht. SailADV also provides a system of complementary services (materials analysis, fluid analysis - oil and liquids, 3D scanning, quality control of processes, thermographic surveys) suitable for integrating and completing the characterization of yachts. The peculiar feature of the measurement and acquisition systems developed by SailADV is to provide a set of data that can be compared to each other in a synchronous way, therefore suitable to be represented, and able to show cause / effect correlation elements between them. To carry out the objective characterization of the yachts, SailADV has produced and is further developing an acquisition system, called H-SYSTEM, which includes sub-modules to acquire data from the main marine systems (propulsion, navigation, monitoring), to analyze the causes of vibrational and acoustic phenomena that heavily affect the comfort on board, to acquire long-term data (Years) and to make these data usable in a unified manner and synchronous, even remotely. Thanks to the development of the acquisition and characterization systems summarized above, SailADV can objectify the characteristics of the yachts by making use of primary measurement systems, thus making them available to the various interlocutors (final customers/shipowners, suppliers, shipyards, surveyors). The added value of the services offered by SailADV therefore lies in the possibility to overcome certain critical issues coming from the reference market, as they allow to: · Solving technical problems by going to certify the causes; · Monitor the life of the yacht in order to reduce maintenance costs: both costs directly linked to the intervention in maintenance or in warranty both the indirect costs related to the non-use of the yacht to the order processing delays; · Anticipate the need for maintenance in order to avoid more damage and rationalize product management costs; · Certify

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