size: micro

start date: 2019-03-14

legal status: Single member private company

VAT: 801125392


The company at glance

profile: Apeiron Yachting was founded in early 2019 by Dimitrios Kopellou who is the sole shareholder of the company. His love and passion for the sea and the pleasure of sailing, together, were enough to motivate him to involve in the sector professionally. The company's culture is to think as the customer and to approach the guests onboard as friends in sailing rather than customers. The owner is fully aware of the demand's growth about yacht charter services along with the need for high quality services onboard and off-board and intends to proceed to further investments. The company has already ordered a brand new sailing yacht and in particular a Beneteau Oceanis 51.1. The yacht will have the potential of hosting up to 10 guests in 5 cabins having the luxury of 3 heads as well as a skipper cabin at the bow. The activity of the company will be to charter the above vessel to potential customers with or without skipper. Moreover, the company is scheduled to employ, apart from the sole shareholder who will handle and skipper the yacht, one more person for its base of operations. While the company is established in Thessaloniki, the yacht will operate on Greek seas according to demand. Sector Recreational sailing is defined as the maritime activity in which a traveler/tourist uses a sailing yacht, or a motor boat for leisure purposes. In Greece, yacht tourism accounts around 0.9% of annual tourist traffic and of the 10 million who visit the country each year, about 90,000 use yachting services. The effect of yachting on national economy is multi-level; in principle, the financial contribution of the product is reflected in ports and marinas, and in local markets. Specifically, while the average tourist spends around €70/day, tourists receiving yachting services spend about €110/day per person. Regarding public finances, the total expenses of yachting users include docking services and the corresponding indirect taxes. Customers The users of the yacht charter services are divided in two major age groups, the baby boomers and those in the age group 30-50. The baby boomers, refers to a population aged 50-68 years old, men and women, while 80% are married, 85% have university education and 50% are employed in managerial positions. This group is familiar with sailing and looking for fun and relaxing moments by the sea. The second age group refers to the population aged 30-50 years, mainly men, while only 20% are marriage, 95% have university education and 37% are

Blue growth: Function: Leisure, Working and Living Sub-function: Coastline tourism and Yachting

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