Shuttle Tours d.o.o.

size: micro

start date: 2008-10-23

legal status: travel agency

VAT: 60026889658


The company at glance

profile: We are family travel agency with a long year experience in providing tourist services in Croatia, a country that is one of the fastest growing tourist markets in Europe in the last couple of years. Agency was founded by my father, Dragan Kostadinovic in 2008., who was a military helicopter pilot and when he retired he decided to pursue more peaceful occupation. We organizes day trips and multi day tours as well as provides private luxury transfers in entire Dalmatia region. By following global trends of tailor made experiential and authentic travel and adapting to them, we have upgraded our successful business from a travel agency into a DMC (Destination Management Company). As a preparation for this segment of our offer our staff in the agency has invested a lot of time, effort and money in the last couple of years. Through our brand "Dalmatia Heritage" we offer tailor made small group tours with emphasis on authentic experience through history and culture of Dalmatia Our second brand „Taste Dalmatia „ provides tailor made culinary and wine & dine tours. We have contracts with more than 70 top quality restaurants, wineries and small family hotels with 4 and 5 stars in Croatia but also in neighbor countries like Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia so we are able to organize tours that include more than one country from this region. We have offices in Split (leading by my brother) and Zadar so we are more than able to provide everything necessary for our clients on almost entire Croatian coast. All our employees are young, highly educated and speak English and at least one more foreign language. All of our vehicles which we use for transfers are upgraded every year so we can say that every season we have new vehicles which we use to cover “standard groups” but we also have Mercedes vans and cars of the highest standard for the VIP groups or individuals. In our offer we have tours (7 days and 14 days) which, depending on the tour, can easily be expanded to include other countries in the region our other locations in Croatia (national parks, cities, cultural locations…) or even to include 7 day cruise along the coast in a wooden sailboat before the cooking tour. It is very important that as an agency with an individual approach to a client we are more than able to accommodate every demand a client might have. These tours on our web page are very flexible, and we can arrange them in any other way, on our client w

Blue growth: Tourism NKD oznaka: 92 / Shuttle Tours putnička agencija d.o.o. Djelatnosti putničkih agencija Pomorski i obalni prijevoz Pripremanje hrane i pružanje usluga prehrane i pića pružanje usluga u nautičkom, seljačkom, zdrastvenom,kongresnom, športskom, lovnom i drugim oblicima turizma, pružanje ostalih turističkih usluga Ronjenje u svrhu športa i rekeacija, podučavanje ronjenju podvodno fotografiranje i snimanje za osobne potrebe

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