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start date: 2018-03-20

legal status: Limited Liability Company

VAT: 02780570426


The company at glance

profile: Cantiere Navale Franchini SRL was founded in 2018 to introduce a new series of pleasure boats with a special nano-engineered epoxy resin hull. The company was born from the experience of partner Massimo Franchini, naval architect from whom the company took the name and the brand, taking up the tradition of the Franchini shipyards, on the market since 1947 and in which the architect Massimo Franchini worked for over 30 years. The company, therefore, was created by the meeting of the tradition of the Franchini shipyard with a series of young entrepreneurs involved in the development of nanotechnologies and thanks to the financial intervention of the company HA srl, established in 2006, which operates both in the renewable energy sector and in the real estate sector but which recently acquired shares in companies with new innovative projects for investment purposes, supporting them financially. The first product of the Franchini shipyard will be a pleasure boat with a 57 foot hull (or just over 17 meters) whose particularity lies in the hull itself, made entirely of a special nano-engineered epoxy resin thanks to the technique called 3Dynamics, purchased exclusively for the nautical sector that the Franchini shipyards has purchased from the company Nanotech SPA, capable of evenly dispersing the nanotubes inside a thermosetting polymer matrix. The final product will appear, therefore, like a normal boat, but, thanks to the special composition of the hull, it will present a series of advantages compared to competing productions. In particular the greater strength and rigidity of the hull and the ability to dampen the vibrations result in less wear on all the additional parts installed on it (systems, mechanical parts, nautical and / or related to the furnishing of the boat) and, consequently a lower need for repairs. Another observed effect is that the epoxy resin allows to considerably reduce the amount of sound energy transmitted in the air when compared with traditional materials or made with non-nano-engineered epoxy formulations. Finally, the use of epoxy resins, currently not widespread in the market, solves the toxicity problems linked to polyester and vinyl ester resins which are much more used and furthermore lightening the hull requires a smaller motor with a considerable reduction in consumption. In addition to the best performance obtained thanks to the use of resin, the boat will have a personal and innovative design typical of the unique style

Blue growth: 30.12 - Construction of pleasure and sporting boats

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