Art Ne Qendisje

size: micro

start date: 2005-02-23

legal status: Commerce and embroidery service

VAT: K52423203G


The company at glance

profile: Commerce and embroidery service are the fields that I cover in doing bussiness.I represent a small enterprise activity. I am an economist in profession and I am the director. Based on my own passion and addiction, I created this activity called "Embroidery art". My clients are basically women, basically around 35 up to 55 years old. These women buy and bring to our store and we work on it, althought they are not legit employed and paid. We have a small activity and we need a constant work and energy to spend in human resources. We have started our activity since 23.02.2005. There is a kind of absence of these sort of activities in our city.In the begining I was timid and have had a lot of hesitations but gradually we have worked on it. This is a small enterprise activity and I am the only insured employee. The stuffs and services we offer vary toward different products. We work on 100% cotton materials from Greek and French brands( DMC, Anchor, Zanel,Gobelin, Seg de Paris,Petaluda). We sale modeled pictures, ornamented tablecloth varying in model and sizes. Also we sale handicrafts curtains, lace, handicraft ornamented pillows, personalised baby pillows, kids pillows and for adults, embroidered sheets etc. This activity operate and is spread in Vlora city.

Blue growth: We have noticed that these kind of activities are mostly pleased and amused. Despite services we offer, tourist attraction is focused in developing products like mobile holder, bags, bookmarks, baby dolls, bracelets, bathroom clothes etc. As long as tourist attention is focused in such innovative products I am considering to spread and wide this activity and work more in such products. I suggest to start as start up activity holded in touristic resorts and hotels. Services we offer are well known as contemporary embroidery but I want to bring in consideration the fact that we offer stuffs and materials from taditional embroidery like our Albanian flag, ornamented and decorated in kits and adittional additional accessories. The flag is the symbol of independence and tightly related to our city, dated since in Independent day in November 28, 1912.

General information

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