Bioexplant, Lda

size: micro

start date: 2019-08-20

legal status: Partnership

VAT: 514947616


The company at glance

profile: Bioexplant is a company that wants to provide services in plant biotechnology sector and at the moment commercializes derived plants products. Established in August 2018, Bioexplant currently has two brands in two different market sectors. SALYS is a brand in the agri-food sector that markets an alternative to salt based on samphire and aromatic herbs. The SALYS market is positioned in the sports, hypertension, vegan, and healthy eating sector. HÄULM is a brand that sells decorative pieces with plants in vitro inside and in this way it is possible to have plants in medical spaces, for example. HÄULM segment market is a design and rental service in clinics, hospitals, hotels, spas, offices, etc. From the decoration service to the maintenance of the plants, produced in laboratory.

Blue growth: Bioexplant has developed a protocol for establishment and multiplication of Samphire. Samphire is a plant that grows by the sea and has the ability to replace salt in food. Through in vitro production, we are not dependent on the seasonality of the plant and on climate change .

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