Vasilios Zamanis - MY DREAM FOR YOU

size: micro

start date: 2015-06-09

legal status: Private

VAT: 056992532


The company at glance

profile: “My Dream For You” is a German- and English speaking tour operator which was established in 2015. Our offices are in Thessaloniki and we offer individual, alternative and active holidays in Greece. We mainly provide individual and tailor-made holidays for small groups from 6 to 16 people. At the moment we are developing new programs for individuals and couples. The types of holidays we offer are: - sailing - hiking, also orchid hikes and hikes with nature seminars - wine tours - cultural trips (visits to religious and cultural sites, experiencing orthodox Easter in Greece) - Gourmet trips - youth travel (summer camps and youth exchanges) - agrotourism (olive harvesting, beekeeping seminars) - diving holidays - handicapped accessible individual holidays - holidays with tele monitoring for mobile nursing care - stay in traditional and individual accommodations We also organize: - Greek festivals (Greek nights with dancing lessons) - private guiding, city break Thessaloniki and day trips When developing our holiday programs, we always take into account to prefer unknown places in Greece and to offer programs outside the high season in order to extend the season. “My dream for you” also provides tourist products from arrival to departure including 24 hour customer service and trips and excursions with German or English-speaking personal accompaniment on request. We also put emphasis on - bilingual local guides - Mediterranean food/diet - all-round-service - our customers get to know authentic Greece, we bring them to non-touristy places and restaurants where they can enjoy Greek specialties. Important for us is the personal contact to our customers before their holidays in Greece and during their holidays in Greece. We put emphasis on a personal booking procedure (no online booking). This means customers contact us per e-mail, per telephone, via our website or via social media and we contact and advise them about their holidays in the same ways. Many repeat customers confirm the success of our concept.

Blue growth: New Project “Action Sea” Last year the individual tourism company “My dream for you” started a new project. We establish a new platform with the name “Action Sea/Your Sea Holidays in Greece”. This platform has the aim to combine all possible sea holidays in eight different regions in Greece. Those possible activities are: Sailing cruises, motor yacht cruises, scuba diving and fishing The customers have the possibility to book above mentioned holidays alone but also in combination with other activities: • sailing hiking & bike • yachting & yoga • yachting & diving safari • yachting and special Mediterranean diet programs • scuba diving and bike • scuba diving & sailing • fishing & cooking • annual events of regattas (sailing) of diving of fishing, boat and yachting festivals Depending on the area, the client can also add the following activities or day trips to his sea holiday: • culture trips • hiking trips • trekking trips • mountain bike trips • nature seminars • olive oil tasting • wine experiences & wine tasting • visit of traditional wood shipbuilding etc. The customers can choose between one day (day trip) until up to 14 days or more for the duration of the holidays. The targets of our new concept are:  To create a summary presentation of all maritime tourism services in Greece  The provision of high maritime tourism services in Greece  The emergence of unknown Greek destinations through maritime tourism programs  The increase of the length of the visitor's stay in Greece  The emergence of the Greek naval tradition and its importance in the region of the Mediterranean Sea  The highlighting of Greece as a nautical sport destination  The promotion and presentation of local Greek traditional products with high nutritional value  To give potential visitors the opportunity to choose a quality vacation with quick and simple steps through the website  The development of high quality sea tourism in Greece  Attracting foreign visitors with a high standard of living for sea tourism in Greece  To increase the possibility of repeat customers for holidays in another region of Greece through high services  The participation of the foreign visitors in special Mediterranean diet programs  The participation of foreign athletes in international Greek sailing regattas  To make Greece a high-quality tourist destination through high services in the sea tourism  The creation of employment  The extension of the seaso

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