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start date: 2018-07-17

legal status: Limited Liability Company

VAT: L88217501D


The company at glance

profile: Rapsodia Restaurant has been operational since 2006. Prospects for the opening of the restaurant began several years ago, 12 years of experience for the chef in Italy strongly influenced by giving motivation in launching the initiative in the country of its origin, above all to express his creative talent as a chef. Besides creativity, that was a brand new thing, what made people come and return again is the uniqueness of our menu, which consists of a combination of sweet and elegant culinary extremities of tradition and modern. What makes Rapsodia different is the involvement of the wild vegetation of great value, especially those with medicinal effects, as daisies, chicory and trefoil flowers that always tease the imagination and arouse the curiosity of the customer. It is noteworthy not only for our customers but also to a large extent, the healthy food that Rapsodia serves. Among the most exceptional restaurants, Rapsodia offers the unique traditional taste. Every product is carefully selected by our chef, organic local products as vegetables, meat of local specialties or fresh fish specialties are some of the most tempting dishes on the menu. Another service of Rapsodia is the catering with its origins in Lezha in different enterprises, to expand further in Tirana and currently operates in several companies. We have international standards and superior service, followed by professional staff and luxurious serving dishes: Traditional Albanian dishes combined with creativity and International Cuisine. Our cooperative has a wine cellar, that processes only with fine products from the area, production of the olive oil, as the production of many fruits and vegetables, other vineyards which have already provided for the market. In our cooperative a series of activities take part including factories, plots planted with olive trees, vineyards, greenhouses, etc. The dairy is another activity that grows from year to year; the factors that have led to this growth were the improvement of the quality of cheese and butter production, installing new equipment and training of employees from specialists and technologist.

Blue growth: We have come up increasing our activity. We have worked not only to serve dishes with land products, fresh and BIO, but also sea products. Rapsodia offers many specialties of seafood. The products we use as fish or other seafood , we have managed to maintain and even increase the activity, thanks to the very correct cooperation with the local fishermen. In our activity we lobby in the protection of nature, as well as products derived from vegetable growing area and cultivated organic, always part of our table. We have always worked within the sea and the ground products. Recently Rapsodia offers fish products, as are traditionally treated in the northern area, including drying and preserving it. Rapsodia provides the full range: receiving the products from the sea and sending them to the point of sale anywhere in the country. Today we aim to launch our stores, with our logo and enter the market with new typical fish products such as sardines, dry cara, fish eggs. We want to go into our tradition, in our past to find the treasures of Albanian culinary.

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