Foka doo (LTD )

size: micro

start date: 2007-02-27

legal status: LTD

VAT: HR90724109219


The company at glance

profile: Diving Center Foka has existed since 2002. Throughout the years we have explored Pag’s underwater, and in 2006 we decided to move the center to its present location, camping village Šimuni. But from 2007, w are FOKA LTD The reason for this transfer was a larger amount of attractive diving locations, rich with flora and fauna, only a few nautical miles away from the new location in the camp. The variety of locations offers a number of possibilities for everyone, from beginner locations to more demanding locations for advanced divers. In the camp itself, we have a great location for diving from the coast and night diving. Maximum depth is 33 meters, and since fishing is forbidden within the camp, there is always plenty fish around, not afraid of the divers. Another location which should be pointed out is the plateau nearby Planičić Island. By the island there is a beautiful wall with red gorgonians and crevices full of fish. There are 10 diving locations, each offering something special. The wall can be divided into the eastern and the northern part, each half special on its own. The length of the wall is 1200 amazing meters, with numerous bends and inlets. In the wall, there are also a couple of caves and semi-caves which are available to all categories. For the purposes of photo shooting for the Scubalife magazine, we have photographed a red coral (Coralium Rubrum) on this location. Another location that should be singled out is definitely the small Pohlib Island. Nearby Pohlib, there is a wall containing four caves, and in front of the biggest one you can find a canyon. Great visibility, plentiful life, and indented terrain make this location unavoidable for all our guests. The above mentioned caves are not challenging for divers, for which reason anyone can enter their magical world. Amazing schools of fish are no wonder, and an experienced dive guide will take you to their closest vicinity. Vedran Dorusic (NAUI Course Director #33934 / NAUI Technical Course Director )

Blue growth: There's only one code for all of the tourist diving companies in Croatia, and that is R93.2.9 - Other amusement and recreation activities. Croatian Chamber of Economy is in the process of acquiring a special code, but at this moment, it doesn't exist. Therefore, Foka d.o.o. also has the same codification, and our main activity is touristic diving - scuba diving.

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