Maloižanin d.o.o.

size: small

start date: 2007-05-01

legal status: LTD

VAT: 51466496906


The company at glance

profile: The company is based on an island near Zadar (Iž) and since itis a small island the company had to engage in more than one field of business. We work in construction, agriculture, fishery and nautical tourism so that we can make profits whole year round. It is a small company employing 7-10 people, depending on the time of year, but it is our goal to grow and in the future even create possibilities for people to decide to move back to the island for work.

Blue growth: During the summer months (June through September) we offer berth services to nautical tourists in a bay called Vodenjak on the island of Iž. We have been the concession owners for 8 years now and have made many tourists regular guests. Often we have the same guests returning multiple times during summer and staying with us for over a week at a time. This makes our job much easier so we would like to come up with ways to fulfill their days while they are staying in the bay. Giving them interesting activities like scuba diving, going fishing with traditional boats, educating them about our nature and way of life and etc. Since the bay is not that near to the village every activity in the bay becomes more complicated and expensive so we need all the help we can get.

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