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start date: 2014-02-17

legal status: MCPY (ΝΕΠΑ)

VAT: 997544585


The company at glance

profile: YAKO Sailing is a yacht charter company est. in 2014 and offers crewed and bareboat cruises in N. Greece. Created from two friends, Yannis Melas and Konstantinos Farmakis who shared the same dream and passion for sailing, is now among the best cruising companies in Halkidiki. Our bases are in Paliouri and N. Marmaras Halkidiki, with daily and multi day cruises in the region but we also offer cruises from there to Sporades islands. Our fleet consists of 2 yachts (a monohul and a catamaran) and we provide with high quality services and personal interaction to our visitors. We occupy 3 -5 employees every season and we try through sea tourism to promote Halkidiki by offering local products and local, traditional experiencies. Our aim is through yachting tourism to promote our philosophy of a holistic experience including, education, information, interaction and experiencing the sea enviroment in total.

Blue growth: Our cruises, except of certain packages, are custom made to visitor's preferences, offering the best possible way to enjoy their holidays combined with local tradition and customs. We also combine sailing vacations with other activities like scuba diving, fishing, water sports, cycling etc. reinforcing this way the local market. Our high standards have rated us in the best 3 cruising companies in Halkidiki and with our network of partners we aim to expand our activities to a wider range and to offer eco-friendly vacations in the region of N. Aegean. We also support and promote other activities like: 1. Sea Tourism Project with the MA students of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 2. Educational Seminars in Nautical Tourism in collaboration with IEK DELTA in Thessaloniki. 3. Supporting "Sail for Pink", a yearly event in Thessaloniki for against breas cancer. 4. Supporting TEDxAUTH in Thessaloniki 5. Organizing Sea Tourism Seminar for Yachting Companies 6. Supporting Educational Sailing Schools in Thessaloniki Through all those participations and collaborations we want to create a solid a healthy and growing enviroment around sea tourism with eco - friendly attitudes and respect to the sea and the landmarks in the region. We also try to inform and stimulate the local population to interact more with activities connected to the sea from different perspectives.

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